Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Grass is Always Greener...

For not doing too much, I've had a great day.

First of all, it's my day off, and as a bonus, I actually get another day off tomorrow, too! I've seen a few new faces lurking around the pit the past few nights, so hopefully they've hired enough new dealers to allow me to go back to a more traditional five-day work week.

Last night was my 'Super-Friday', meaning the last day of a long stretch of work before getting some 'extra' time off--I'd been working six days a week for the past three, making an actual two-day weekend seem like a bonus, so by the time midnight rolled around last night I was good and ready to go home. I finally talked the boss into cutting me loose at 2:30 this morning, earning myself seven hours worth of tokes but getting out an hour and a half early.

I was lucid enough to watch the latest episode of Entourage when I got home, but immediately after that I fell asleep. The next thing I knew, my phone was ringing at 7:30 in the morning. It was my buddy Ed, thinking I was just getting home from work.

Anyhow, we caught up and squared away some plans for a few weeks down the road. First of all, I'm in desperate need of some time away from the casino world. I've been working too hard for too long and I'm getting stir-crazy. I need a break.

The original plan was to make a quick getaway to San Diego for few days of drinking, fishing, and cigar smoking with the boys. Unfortunately, Eddie B doesn't 'do' the ocean, and Ed W is heading overseas for a month on a huge project with his job and can't get away during the week for more than a day or so.

So instead of San Diego, I'm heading back down to Phoenix in about three weeks for a quick trip to see everyone. We're gonna do a Guys Night Out when I get there, and then spend the next day lounging around the pool listening to Jimmy Buffett and emptying Corona bottles. Later that second evening, the whole gang is getting together for a nice steak dinner and cigars--I just made dinner reservations for 11 people at a pretty nice joint. After dinner I'll probably cruise on down to Chandler and spend the night at George and Marlisha's place in one of those twin beds they've been tempting me with for the past few months... I'll drive back to Vegas early the next morning, take a power nap, and then start all over again.

I can't wait. I haven't been to Phoenix, a place I use to consider my hometown, since November of 2003! It's been almost three years--I can hardly believe it.

It's funny how times have changed. Five years ago, I was living in Phoenix and thought I'd go nuts waiting for my next trip to Vegas. Now I'm living a wonderful life here in Vegas and I'm excited about a trip to Phoenix.

On the t-shirt front, I've gotten lots of checks in the mail already (depositing almost $300 today), and several more emails from people saying that theirs are on the way--some are even coming from Europe! I have to admit, it's more than a little surprising, and somewhat humbling, that so many people want a Hurricane Mikey t-shirt. I've sold almost enough where I can get another price break, enabling me to pocket maybe $40 on the whole deal with the initial order. Amazing. And you know what I'm gonna spend that forty bucks on--a good bottle of the demon rum!

Anyhow--I haven't gotten the official emails from a couple of people who mentioned they wanted one initially. If you still want one, let me know ASAP so that I can get it ordered with the first batch. (Dougie, pick up the white paging phone...) I'd really like to get them shipped out to me within the next ten days or so, so time is of the essence.


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