Monday, August 14, 2006


Hey gang... I've gotten a couple of emails already about the disappearing tip jar. It seems that sometimes when you come to the site, the icon is there, and sometimes it's not. And unfortunately, some folks who wanted to give were unable to.

Well, I figured out what's going on with that. Sometimes, the Honor System page gets too much traffic, or the server is overloaded somehow, and the page is unavailable. When that happens, the fail-safe method they have is that the tip jar icon will disappear from the various websites that use the system (I've noticed it dissappearing on on occasion, too). I wish it were 100% reliable, but apparently the server has a few minor traffic management issues.

But don't let that discourage you--just refresh the page or try again later. It will eventually come back and be available.

All is appreciated.

Also, I haven't quite figured out all of the nuts & bolts to see exactly who the donors are. There is an option to send me an email from the donation page if you'd like to tell me that you've dropped a buck or two, and if you go that route, I'll definitely respond as soon as I can. One other thing. I know that the default amount on the donation page says $25. Don't worry--any amount greater than a dollar works. That's just the, ahem, suggested amount...

Now that you know, I can put away the tin cup and cardboard sign here in the posting area and get back to my usual banter.


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