Monday, January 03, 2011

Hope Everyone Had a Great Holiday Season

And here we are in 2011.  Me--I'm just happy I got out of 2010 alive.  So yeah, I'm guessing 2011 is gonna be much better than 2010 was.  So far, it's off to a good start.

First of all, I gotta throw mad props to my gal Linda Lou.  Not only is she a great writer and comedian, but she also has a few projects on the side.  One of them is writing resumes, and let me tell you, she does an amazing job.  I'm about to re-enter the job market, and probably end up in a totally new career, and she's been working on polishing up my resume for me.  Well, I just got it back this afternoon, and all I can say is ho-lee-shiat it looks great!  It's so good that people would feel foolish to not hire me after seeing it.  Seriously--the other candidates for the jobs I'm applying for don't have a shot now. It's almost unfair.   Yes, I was very impressed with her efforts on my behalf. 

So if you're job hunting, considering a new career, or just think it may be time to move on to something else, contact Linda Lou--she will hook you up and make you look so good that companies will be terrified of not getting you onboard right this very minute. 

Anyhow--what else is new?  Well, I've been busy as hell, if you can believe it, and that's why I've not been making updates nearly as much as I used to.  Since I've been here in Nashville, I've had myself a somewhat 'normal' social life, and it's been great.  Not only that, but I got to savor every bit of the holiday season this year--from doing stuff like watching Trading Places on Thanksgiving night to kick of the Christmas season right, to helping decorate the trees at my sisters' houses, to helping Tim go all Griswold with the Christmas lights, to rolling a million peanut butter balls with Mamasan--it was all wonderful and I couldn't have enjoyed it more.  Six years in the wilderness was far too much for me.  I'm glad to be home, where I belong.

And now I get to do fun stuff that never would've happened had I remained in Vegas.  On Sunday morning, Revered Dave, Tim, and I took a trek up to the REI store up in Brentwood so Dave could get some new backpacking gear.  Just going up and hanging out with my brothers was cool enough, but when we got done shopping, Scottie drove out and met us for lunch at Judge Bean's for some kick-ass BBQ.  Those of you who aren't close with your family don't know what you're missing, because we had a great time just spending the afternoon together.  It helps that everyone is funny, because we laugh our asses off, but it was a pretty good day, just goofing off with my brothers.

There's been a lot of that now that I'm here, and that's another reason I haven't been making updates very regularly.  One, my life is boring, and two, I've got a lot more stuff going on that makes sitting at the computer seem like a waste of time.  So while I must apologize to my long-term readers, on the other hand, I hope you understand.  When I lived in Vegas, I had all kinds of free time on my hands, and not nearly as many distractions.  But now that I'm here, back in the middle of the three-ring circus known as my family, well, life is completely different.  Much more satisfying to me, but probably not nearly as interesting for you folks. 

So the bottom line--change is coming.  Be prepared.

Anyhow, enough about that...

I know that with the new year comes all the resolutions and such, and I'm no different.  Of course it's a good time to re-assess things and maybe toss out things that aren't working and maybe work on other things, and I've been thinking along those lines.

Of course, due to my little incident back in September, getting healthier was already a priority, so that's not exactly new.  However, I'm still tracking my progress, and I haven't lost any weight in almost a month.  But that's to be expected with the holidays.  And it's been so damn cold outside that there was no way I'd go out walking.  I freeze my ass off in a 70-degree room, so hiking around for a couple of hours in the thirty degree weather has about as much appeal to me as sitting in a pool full of ice water. 

But that's ok--I'm back in the saddle again.  I recently discovered the Williamson County Recreation Center down here in Spring Hill, and oh hell yeah, I'm taking advantage of it.  It's only a buck a visit, and it's better equipped than any nice private gym I've ever been a member of.  It's a huge facility, and just today I spent an hour on the machines, then to cool down I did a half mile on their indoor track.  Not only does it have everything you could ever need in a workout facility, it's less than five minutes from the house.  My only problem isn't getting motivated to go, it's getting motivated to go early in the morning.  It's hard to crawl out of a nice warm bed on a cold winter morning and go exercise, but I'm doing it.

One thing I'm working on is trying to get my arm strength back.  Oh dear god I'm surprised my right arm even works at all any more, after being stabbed about a hundred times in the past four months.  And yeah, I've been out trying to throw the football with my brothers this past week, and they got a huge laugh at my expense.  I swear, I'm like a little girl out there.  But I was doing 55-lb. curls today, so at some point I should be able to stop embarrassing myself out in the back yard.

Anyhow, that's about all the news from here for today.  I'll check in again tomorrow--

Peace out, y'all