Thursday, July 27, 2006

Very Important Final Announcement

Ok gang--

I've been working on these Hurricane Mikey shirts for almost a week now, and after all of the input about vendors, and indications of interest, along with personal preferences, I have finally managed to get a shirt design that 1) I like the most 2) comes in a variety of styles 3) is 100% cotton, preshrunk, and of good quality, and 4) I'm able to order in small batches at reasonable cost.

Here is the deal, and it is very important that you follow instructions if you would like to get a shirt.

You must email me at mikey at hurricane mikey dot com. On the subject line, be sure to say "HM Logo Shirt". (Even if you've already emailed me saying you'd like one, please do so again)

In the body of the email, please tell me:

Your screen name
Your full name
Full Shipping Address

Style of shirt requested
Number of shirts requested
Sizes of each shirt requested

Once I recieve that email from you, I will write you back within 48 hours with an address where to send a check or money order. At that point, the 'shopping window' will be open, and I'll give it 10 days or so to collect all the payments. Once that is done, I will either post a notice here on the site, or probably just sent everyone an email the day that I place the order. Once the order is placed, you should have your shirt within a week--they're able to process them the same day and ship them out DHL now that they have my design on file.

All other previous emails and posts indicating interest I've received are null and void--I'm only using them to gauge how many shirts I'm likely to need. If you would like to purchase one, you must send me an email with those details.

Now for the nitty gritty fine print.

There are three styles available:

T-shirt (white)
Baseball Jersey (white w/black sleeves)
Ladies Tank top (white)

They are all 100% cotton, and they are the Hanes Beefy T's--good quality stuff.

  • T-shirts are available in adult sizes Small thru 5XL
  • Jerseys are available in adult sizes Small thru 3XL
  • Ladies tanks are available in sizes Small thru 2XL



S-XL $17
2XL $21
3XL $22
4XL $23
5XL $24


S-XL $23
2XL $26
3XL $27

Ladies Tanks:

S-XL $19
2XL $23

I estimate shipping costs to be $3 per shirt--this covers my expenses in supplies and postage related to sending the individual shirts out. I will be able to send a very limited number of shirts directly from the factory, but the cost savings from that has been factored into the price of the total order.

When all is said and done, I won't be making any money off of these-- I've tried to keep costs as low as possible, and I may clear five or ten bucks total. I wish the prices were lower, but with all of the requirements and compromises necessary, it's the best I can come up with. I'm not trying to rip anyone off, or even make a buck, I'm just trying to provide a little bit of fashion buffoonery.

Also, it's very important--the ladies tank tops run pretty small. I got the ones for Angy and Cyndy and they are tiny--they are definitely gonna be showing off the girls! They're 'fitted' and run almost two sizes small, I'm told. So if you normally wear a medium, go with the L or even XL.

The t-shirts actually seem to run big. I bought myself a 5X and it seems about a half size bigger than normal, so your normal shirt size will be generously cut.

That's about all that I can think of--if you have any questions, go ahead and post them in the comment section and I'll get to them right away.


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