Monday, August 07, 2006

Pack It Up!

Damn, I really don't want to go back down to that U-haul place...

Now that I finally got all of the electronics in my room hooked up and working the way they were intended, I have to take it all down again, because it's all getting moved, again.

As much as I like this house--the location and especially the price, it's just too damn uncomfortable here in my bedroom. Those west-facing non-opening floor-to-ceiling windows were a bad idea in the Sixties, and they're still a bad idea today. Did the guy who designed this place forget that we're still in the middle of the farking desert? I get no air circulation in here, and when it's 110 outside, it's at least 85 or so in the bedroom. And since the windows don't open, I can't even install a portable AC unit to try and make it bearable.

No mas...

So, when I came home early Sunday morning and saw that the guy I share a refrigerator with had suddenly moved out, I started lusting after his room. First of all, it's off by itself at the other end of the house by the kitchen/laundry room/side entrance. Second of all, it's a bigger room, and it's on the east side of the house with two huge shade trees just outside of the windows. And third of all, it's got real walls--not glass--and windows on two sides that actually open, so I can get some fresh air when needed. And oh by the way, it's got it's own 3/4 bathroom which I don't have to share. Best of all it's got an air conditioning vent right over the spot where the bed is, and it cranks out the cool air at a fairly good clip.

I talked to the guy who does all of the sub-leasing, and he's cool with me taking it, so starting this afternoon I'm doing a bunch of cleaning. The other guy just took his stuff and got out, so it needs a bit of attention. There is some old furniture that needs to get taken out, and tonight while I'm at work, my roommate is going to steam clean the carpets for me. I'm off the next two days, so that means I'll be spending all of my free time herding my shiat to the other end of The Estate.

I'm glad it's working out the way it is, because I swore to myself that I wouldn't spend another summer living here because this bedroom is so frickin' hot. There's no way I can justify paying my share of a $700 electric bill when the bedroom still feels like an oven. Now I can stay put. At least that's the plan.

But a few days from now, I'll be relaxing and blogging in normal-temperature splendor, even if my new room is covered in dark Brady Bunch-era wood panelling. It doesn't matter. I'm moving out of the greenhouse and into the shaggadelic babe lair.

So I may have to head down to The Attic this afternoon and pick up some bean bag chairs, lava lamps, and a Pink Floyd poster.


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