Friday, August 18, 2006

Speaking of Water...

I just took a bath!

Lemme esplain...

First of all--good news. Not only did all of the shirts arrive yesterday, I stayed up this morning packing and labelling them for shipping. And just a few minutes ago I left the post office. Everyone who sent checks, your shirts are on the way! (I'm still waiting for money for three orders, so once I get the money for them, your shirts will be shipped, too). Anyhow, I'd say that while the shirts are very cool, my first foray into the t-shirt business was less than successful--I completely misunderestimated the cost of materials and shipping, so I took that expense directly in the shorts.

Anybody that wants a shirt in the future, the price is going up.

But it only stung for a little while, so no real harm done. Anyhow, they went out Priority Mail, so everyone should be getting them by Tuesday of next week. I could've saved a couple of bucks sending them Parcel Post, but I figured everyone would want them as soon as they could, and saving fifteen cents a shirt to delay receipt for another five days seemed an especially cheapass thing to do, so I opted for the faster route.

As cool as the t-shirts are, the baseball jerseys look especially good. Those that ordered them are going to be even more impressed.

And of course if you'd like to snap a photo of yourself modeling your new shirt, sent it along and I'll make you mildly famous.

As far as the internet-at-home situation goes, it's still not resolved. It's not a bad modem, but the Cox suckers tell us that we have a bad 'hub' coming into the house. They have to send a technician out to fix it--but that won't be until at least Sunday. So I'm back at the same noisy internet cafe place I was yesterday, which by the way, they should change the name from Cyber Zone and start calling it Your Parents Basement--nobody would be the wiser.

That means I won't be answering emails until sometime next week, and I probably won't be blogging at all until Monday at the earliest. Then it's off on a little vacation for a couple of days.

Pay no attention to the tumbleweeds around here for the next few days--I'll be back soon.


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