Friday, August 25, 2006

Kill 'Em All...

Let God sort 'em out!

Ok, one thing that I hadn't reported on, is that after I got home yesterday, I sat down at my computer to start typing and noticed a bunch of ants crawling around all over my new desk. So I started smashing them.

But they kept coming. So I smashed them all again. But that didn't stop the hoard--I smashed all afternoon, and still they kept coming! I tried finding the source. There were some empty DCWL* cans on the edge of the desk, but the ants didn't seem to be too interested in that. There was also a plastic trash bag that had some old Taco Bell wrappers and whatnot in it, but again, there were a few ants in there, but not a full-scale deployment. It seemed that they were just ambling about all over my desk on holiday, with no real purpose.

Wondering where they were coming from, I got down on my hands and knees and went exploring along the edge of the walls, behind the furniture, and in the closet. No luck. But then I asked myself, If I were an ant, how would I get in here?

Remember that hole in the wall that was drilled for the Cat-5 cable coming down from the roof and along the side of the house? Well, upon closer inspection, that thing was a huge ant freeway--there were thousands of them going back and forth through the wall, along the cable, and right up onto my desk. The first thing I did was stick a wadded up paper towel through the little gap between the wall and the wire. Then I started smashing in earnest. I looked around the house for some bug killer, but couldn't find any.

So I went to off to work, thinking I'd tackle the problem when I got home. When I got back this morning, there were a few more ants wandering about on my desk, again, getting into stuff, mourning their fallen comrades, the usual stuff. But I was too tired to mess with it, so I just smashed a few to send a message. The message was ignored, so after a few hours of sleep I went to the grocery store and picked up a huge can of Raid unscented kill-on-contact insecticide, and had myself a little ant genocide party this afternoon.

I can now proclaim World Headquarters to be Bug Free.


*Diet Coke With Lime

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