Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Indecent Proposal

Ok, so I was sitting on a dead game at the World Poker Tour table--actually, I had just opened the table and didn't have any players yet--when one of my regular players walked up and sat down. She sits with me about once a week and always flirts and such, and occasionally we've had a beer together after work. But nothing too scandalous, although a couple of my co-workers accuse me of Hittin' that!

But the first thing she said to me was Hey guess what--my husband is out of town for the next three days... *wink*


I'm usually pretty quick on my feet, and the only response I could come up with was Yeah? So am I!

I played dumb and didn't deal her very good cards for the first hour, so she lost patience with me and left to play blackjack. It was good for the ego, but I don't particularly care to get involved with that kind of nonsense. Especially since their whole family is mobbed up.

I remember what happened to Joe Pesci at the end of Casino...


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