Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Holding Pattern

Well, I was all prepared to do the obligitory light-blogging-until-further-notice post due to being offline while spending the next couple of days moving everything to the other end of the house. But I got up today to find out that the carpets won't be getting steam-cleaned until Wednesday morning.

While I welcome the opportunity to be a slug for yet another day, I was really hoping to get most of the moving done today, since it's my 'weekend'. So far, all I've done is relocate the stuff that hangs in the closet and moved all the booze to the built-in shelves in the new room. Other than that, I have to wait. I suppose I could just spend the day doing general cleaning and whatnot at this end, maybe emptying the bookshelves and taking the pictures down off the walls and such. But I've also got to go down to Fry's and pick up that new workstation I've been wanting to buy. I figure it'll be much easier to just build it and get everything hooked up in an empty room, so there's no need to wait until I get the new computer system.

I'd like to get as much done as I can, because later tonight I'm meeting Skip ('Soreyes') downtown at the Main Street Station brewpub for a little bit of dinner, beer, and buffoonery. And then tomorrow morning, my favorite sugar mama Mrs. Robinson Angy arrives bright and early and we have a huge day planned. I don't think she's mentioned (over on T2V) the 'other' reason for her visit, so I'll keep it a secret until pictures are posted. But it's gonna be pretty cool! Anyhow, once she gets here, all productivity is gonna get shelved. Priorities, you know?

More updates to follow soon...


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