Wednesday, August 30, 2006

A Day in the Life

Ok, once Tuesday morning's buffoonery had concluded and I made it home to sleep it off for a few hours, I was good to go.

I've been rotating my work shoes every night, hoping to make them last longer, but I have literally torn the insides out of those Propets I bought a few month back, and because of that, they leave a huge and painful blister on the side of my right foot every time I wear them. Also, when I was moving all of my belongings to the new room, I dropped a box on that same right foot while wearing flip-flops, and it's been tender for over a week since it happened--I may have cracked something--it was swollen and still tender to the touch.

So basically by the end of the night at work I'm gimping around like an old man with sore feet. Wait... I am and old man with sore feet... Even my Reeboks, which used to be the most comfy shoes ever, have started to show their age. I put a *lot* of miles on my feet nowadays, and burn through expensive shoes much faster than I'd like. Hell, I burn through cheap polyester pants faster than I'd like, too, but those dice tables can eat through dealer pants faster than Roy McAvoy going through a sleeve of Top Flites when confronted with a water hazard.

I've been asking around and a lot of the other dealers are firmly in one of two camps. They either swear by Rockports or have an almost religious affinity to those thick-soled man-clogs. The 'shoe truck' comes out to the casino about once every six weeks for people to buy work shoes right there onsite, and they have a big display of their wares on the wall by the uniform room. Lately I've been paying more and more attention to them, and have decided to give the man-clogs a try. The sole is almost 3/4 of an inch thick, the uppers are wider than usual, and I love the fact that I can kick them off when standing behind the tables, or at least kick off one at a time to give my feet a rest.

If I find that I'm unsatisfied with these, then I'll go ahead and cough up the big $$$ for the most expensive set of Rockport mailman shoes on the planet. But I think the man-clogs will be especially comfy.

So the first thing I did once I got on the computer today was to order a pair of size 13 D's.

I also had every intention of going back to school to practice my mad poker-dealing skills this week, but you know how things get in the way. First of all, it was my first day off since I got back from Phoenix, so I had a whole bunch of errands to run, not the least of which was getting back down to the post office and sending off the last batch of shirts for all of the people who got in at the last minute, along with George and Marlisha's, which I'd somehow neglected to give them when I was in Phoenix.

So finally the t-shirt business is on hiatus for awhile, and I'm ok with that. It was an interesting experience. Maybe next time it'll be a financially rewarding one, also.

After the post office, I made a special point of getting over to Big Five Sporting Goods on Sunset and Green Valley. It's one of their smaller outlets, but I get mailers from them every week featuring Bolle sunglasses on sale. I've wanted a set of Bolles for at least 16 years now--the first time I tried them was in Alaska back in 1990 when a photographer friend of mine loaned me an extra set of his for a few days. They were the best sunglasses I'd ever used, before or since, and now that I'm a man of more substantial means, I can justify the expense of spending more than $20 on a pair of non-prescription shades.

Unfortunately, none of the Bolles that were on sale were quite complimentary enough for my sexy bald head, so I had to go with some alternates. I got two steps out the front door before one of the lenses popped out, so I turned back around and did some more shopping. I finally found a decent set of 'Boarders' that seemed to do the trick, and I was on my way. But not, however, before spending some quality time at the knife and gun counter drooling over the big boy's toys.

My next stop was Target in Henderson. I needed to get a few things like new bath rugs, power strips with flush-mounted plugs to fit behind furniture, cleaning supplies, etc. I also got a dvd copy of Groundhog Day on sale for only $7.50. The number one priority on the shopping list, however, was a plain-old box fan to put in my window at night and draw the cool air in to the bedroom. Unfortunately, the shelves were completely bare and my quest for a fan was denied.

That's ok, Walgreens always has plenty of cheapo fans for sale, so I'll check them out tomorrow. But by the time my shopping was done, it was past 5 pm I wanted to come home and get something to eat for the first time all day. I was thinking of hitting one of my usual stops and eating out, but I was craving a Hebrew National hot dog, and I knew I had some back at the house.

That and a couple of beers made me feel like I was at the ballpark while watching SportsCenter on my surround-sound enabled television. About that time I had an entertaining conversation with Reverend Dave, who told me that he'll be joining us for the festivities next March during the Madness, too.

Overall, it was a pretty good day and I got a lot accomplished, even though I didn't go to school. Today is Mission: Organization as I try to get everything else put in it's proper place and figure out a permanent home for that huge Coleman cooler that's taken up residence at the foot of my bed.

I'd like to treat myself to a nice lunch and do some sort of review too, because, well, I like to eat, and also I know that Dave P starts getting the shakes if I don't devote a certain amount of my blogging time to food and restaurants. I wouldn't want him to snap and have to hear about him on the evening news, so hopefully soon I can share my thoughts on whatever tasty treat I stumble upon in my weekly wanderings.

Have a happy happy.


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