Thursday, August 03, 2006

Not So Hot Hot Hot

Wow, it seems that God reached over and turned down the Cosmic Thermostat this week, as the temperature outside has dipped from 'broiling' to just 'mellow roasting' over the past three days or so. I remember walking out of the casino early Tuesday morning and thinking that it was cooler than usual. And the past couple of days haven't been so miserably hot, either. Maybe we've finally gotten that break in the weather. I remember when I was living in Phoenix, June and July were the worst months. It was a few degrees cooler in August, although fairly humid with afternoon thunderstorms, and by the time September rolled around, you were almost able to walk around outside without hopscotching from shady spot to shady spot. Hopefully the same is true here in Vegas.

Strangely, I don't remember last summer.

I hope it stays right around this temperature for another week or so--Angy has a cabana reserved next weekend at the Paris pool, and I want to take full advantage of it. Of course, we have a pool here at The Estate also, but we have no hot chicks in bikini tops delivering beer and rum drinks at my beck and call...

Speaking of The Estate, I've spent all day just kicking around here at home, doing the usual day-off chores (although I have to work tonight). But I've been watching the mailbox for checks every day from folks that want t-shirts. Well, most of them have gotten here already, but as a bonus, not only did I get a few more checks in the mail, my BFOONRY vanity plates arrived today, also! Luckily the truck was already parked in a shady spot, so just a couple of minutes with a flathead screwdriver and my new tag (with the Hurricane Mikey frame) was attached. The interesting thing was that I got two vanity plates, but when I ordered them, they only gave me one registration sticker and told me that since there wasn't a factory-mounted frame on the front bumper, I didn't have to display a license plate on the front end. (There might not have been a mounting frame, but there were four distinct markings I hit with the drill to mount my Jolly Roger plate).

Unfortunately, I parked near the sprinklers last night, so the truck is filthy, so no pics just yet. I'll go wash it in the morning after work tonight when I can be assured of no lines at the car wash. Then I'll take a picture or two to share.

As far as shirts go, I've gotten *almost* all of the checks from folks who emailed me about wanting shirts. Hopefully I can put the order in by Wednesday or Thursday of next week--maybe even sooner, that way I can make Angy help me package them all up and ship them out.


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