Tuesday, August 08, 2006


Ok gang, the shirts have been ordered from the vendor--they should look just like the picture I posted earlier, with the same distressed font. (There was an issue if that font was going to be available or not, but not to worry, all is well). I should have the proofs by this weekend, and if there are no changes to be made, delivery to the The Estate is guaranteed by Monday the 21st. So they should be shipped out and on the way to everyone by Tuesday morning the 22nd, the last thing I do before hitting the highway to Phoenix for a couple of days of R&R.

Again, I was surprised by the amount of interest out there--I've deposited almost a thousand dollars worth of checks in the past week! Even more surprising is the fact that there will be people wandering around Jolly Olde and continental Europe sporting Hurricane Mikey gear next month.

Unfortunately, no Canadians stepped up and bought a shirt, which is odd, because my traffic tracker indicates a huge presence of readers from O-Canada. Perhaps I should've offered a sweatshirt or parka option--either that or the 'email border' is still closed due to security concerns. (But don't worry Sticky--I've got a special surprise for you when you come down!)

Regardless, I hope everyone who ordered one is satisfied with the final product. And doesn't forget to put it in the suitcase when March Madness rolls around, either.


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