Friday, August 04, 2006

Closing the Window

Ok gang--last call for t-shirts! I've gotten quite a few emails from folks interested, and also quite a few checks in the mail already. In order to get the ball rolling as soon as possible, I'm going to have to close the buying window pretty soon.

If you want a shirt in this first batch--please get the email to me no later than 4am Pacific time on Tuesday morning, the 8th. Of course, I know the checks coming in the mail will lag, but I'll go ahead and get you in on the order. Anyone wishing to purchase after Tuesday, unfortunately, the price is gonna go up a few bucks.

I've been down to the bank a few times this week depositing checks, and a few people have put 't-shirt' on the memo line. I get the same guy doing the transaction every time, so now when I see him, the first thing he asks is "How's the T-shirt business?"

Better than I expected is my reply as I hand him a handful of deposits... Today he asked if the shirt that I was wearing was one of my designs, and of course I had to admit that it was. He wanted one. Of these:

Anyhow, I'll post updates when the pirate shirts are ordered and shipped, and I'll email everyone back individually as soon as I send them out.


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