Saturday, September 16, 2006


Damn I hate Notre Dame.

Luckily I was smart enough not to pick them in my college pool, and I'm 4-0 at this very moment, with three games yet to be played. But since I had the Domers in both of my parlays, they are now ruined. Nice going, morons, getting crushed by 26 points at home by a team that hasn't beaten you in your house in twelve years.

Last week, betting against Notre Dame kept me from a perfect record, as they beat the crap out of Penn State. So it was an easy call that they'd pound on a soft Michigan team at home, right? Nope. They put on a display of ineptness unmatched since Mike Martz was tasked with managing a game clock. So I lost when betting against them last week, and this week I bet with them and they let me down. I guess I've learned my leasson. I've never been much of a Fighting Irish fan, and I should've known better than to make any bets where I'd have to root for a team that I don't like.

I guess that settles it--they get no more of my action for the rest of the season, either for or against, and now I'm firmly aboard the anti-Irish bandwagon. I hope Charlie Weiss and his man-boobs lose another couple games before it's all said and done and end up basking in the obscurity of a third-tier bowl game, getting beat down by somebody like Fresno State on the smurf-turf of Boise.

Worthless bastards.

Maybe the hype machine will now focus on a truly talented team, like Louisville.

Oh, and speaking of Saturday disappointments, I called Metro Pizza earlier this afternoon to try and get a pizza delivered to enjoy while watching the games. But I was told that their delivery time was running at two hours or more today. So I guess they 'offer' delivery, but they made it clear on the phone that they really didn't want to. I can't imagine it getting any better tomorrow during all of the NFL games, either. I suppose that if I really want one, I can call it in and go pick it up myself.

Instead of pizza, I just made some nachos out of Hint-of-Lime Tostitos, cheese, salsa, and jalapenos. Better than a ham sandy, but again, a small pepperoni pizza would've been much better.


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