Friday, September 08, 2006

More Picks

I've posted my picks for all of the college games this weekend that I chose for the pool that I'm in, but noooo...that's not all.

The NFL season is now upon us, and that gives those of us with a sports book within spitting distance of our 'desks' a wonderful opportunity to throw more money away. Living in Vegas apparently hasn't completely killed the gambling bug, but at least with sports betting I have a fighting chance (this I say after going one-for-seven last weekend).

Since there is no Lotto or Powerball in Nevada, my buddy Todd and I have come up with our own alternative--each week we'll go in halvsies on an 8-team college football parlay card for $10. It pays 160-for-1 if we catch all eight, so we'll each pocket $800 if when it hits.

So this is what we're going with:

Auburn -20.5 over Mississippi State

Vanderbilt +15.5 over Alabama

UCLA -27.5 over Rice

Oklahoma -17.5 over Washington

Tennessee -19.5 over Air Force

Ala-Birmingham -6.5 over East Carolina

Oregon -4.5 over Fresno State

Texas -2.5 over Ohio State

That's our best compromise we can come up with without pissing each other off too badly. Todd *really* wanted to bet against Georgia, but I told him if he did that, then I'd bet against his team, Auburn. But we're pretty happy with our choices.

Also, Reverend Dave made a bunch of top 25 picks this week, too. Go over and discuss when you get a moment.

And just getting in under the wire, I paid my entry into Station Casinos Great Giveaway football contest tonight, which involves just picking each weeks NFL winners straight up--no spreads involved. Back in the day when I ran a pool like that at Schwab, I usually did very well, winning several times each season. And last year one of the gals I work with won over $30,000 for ending the season in a three-way tie for first place in total number of games picked correctly. I figure that the $25 entry fee is well worth a shot at five grand a week and ten stacks of high society at the end of the season.

I'll also pick a couple of NFL games either straight up or as part of a parlay, and I'll post those picks here on Saturday as well.

Damn. I love football season!


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