Friday, September 15, 2006

Money Picks

Hey gang... I would've posted this earlier, but when I got home from work this morning, I went straight to bed. So much for good intentions. But I'm awake now, and have to get up and run some errands, so before I get all caught up in that, I figured I should make a post or two.

As far as the entire schedule NFL schedule for my Stations contest goes, this is what I'm going with:

Dolphins over the Bills. Time for Saban and the gang to step up. All bets are off, however, if Culpepper has to carry the entire load. He's shown that he's not much of a quarterback when the pressure is on.

Vikings over the Panthers. Wow--how about old man Johnson unplugging himself from the juvenation machine and picking apart the Redskins last week? And oh yeah, their running game is very good, coming at the expense of the Seahawks. Gotta pay the big ugly guys up front, Seattle. I think the Vikings are gonna make some noise this year.

Bengals over the Browns. I think this will be closer than most people expect, but I'm sure the Bengals players have seen their upcoming schedule and know they *need* this game.

Bears over the Lions. I hope somebody scores an offensive touchdown in this game. Take the under.

Colts over the Texans. Peyton is 8-0 versus the Texans, and I don't see that trend reversing itself anytime soon. Maybe the Texans should bring in Danny Wuerffel. Or at least the ol' ball coach.

Eagles over the Giants. This is a tossup game, but I'm giving it to the homeys. And I just don't think the Giants players really care for coach Coughlin, so they'll be mailing it in if they start to struggle. And with their tough schedule and high expectations, I see him heading the list of the NFL Coaches Death Watch.

Saints over the Packers. When will somebody in Green Bay break the news to Brett that the party is over? Everyone has suspected it for quite some time, but getting shut out at home is about as bad as it gets.

Ravens over the Raiders. Man, the Raiders are pathetic. And the gambling gods smile upon us. Let us take advantage of their generousity.

Falcons over the Buccaneers. That Simms kid, besides looking like a complete dork with his helmet on, doesn't seem to be a very good quarterback, either. I don't see the NFL being good to young QBs from Texas this year. And Atlanta has a dominant running game, too.

Cardinals over the Seahawks. What did I tell you about Alexander's inability to run last week? And that was against the Lions, fer cryin' out loud. The loss of Hutchinson is going to bite them in so many ways this year. Cards need to find some pass defense though, although I like them in a shootout.

Rams over the 49ers. Behold Jeff Wilkins, the fantasy god of NFL kickers. I'm thinking that the Rams actually make it to the end zone this week.

Broncos over the Chefs. Great googily moogily, Herm Edwards is in over his head. He has no offensive line and a quarterback with a bruised melon. If Jake struggles again, this one is probably going to be ugly.

Patriots over the Jets. I *almost* picked the Jets in an upset, but I see the Patriots winning eleven games this year by a total of like thirty points. Great coaches always win the close ones, and Mangini has a ways to go before he measures up to Belichick.

Chargers over the Titans. Three words--Bet the Mortgage.

Redskins over the Cowboys. These are two teams that are not nearly as pretty as everyone said they were in the preseason. And I think the Vegas line on Bledsoe's fourth quarter interceptions is hovering around 2.5.

Jaguars over the Steelers on Monday night. I believe that Cowher is 0-2 against the Jags on Monday night. At least I think I remember reading that somewhere. But I needed an upset and I'm still on the Jags bandwagon, so here ya go.

I went 10-5 during week one, but this week seems a lot tougher. I still don't think I've picked enough upsets though.

Todd and I also have our $10 eight-team college parlay we're doing, but I'll write about that one later this afternoon once I get home, along with any straight-up NFL bets I'm thinking about.


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