Friday, September 15, 2006

Friday Afternoon

It's a beautiful sunny and (very) breezy late-summer day here in Vegas, so breezy in fact that I keep having to pick up my box fan off the floor that keeps getting blown out of my window.

I was out doing my usual Friday running around--it was payday again, and again our tokes were kind of bad. It didn't help that last weekend I went home sick after an hour either... But there was enough to meet the necessities, so I guess I can't complain. Last year at this time I was getting one day of work per week and starving for a month. This time I'm bummed that there is only $500 left after the bills are paid.

Anyhow, while I was out running around, I saw a few interesting things. While sitting at the stoplight on Flamingo and Swenson, this typical Vegas street person was crossing the street, except he had what looked like a pigeon on his shoulder. And I said to myself Hey, that dude's got a pigeon on his shoulder. But the bird must've read my thoughts and turned towards me giving me an evil glare, and I realized that it was no pigeon, but some scary looking bird of prey with a pointed beak that could rip the flesh from my bones and also had some real live talons on the end of his legs. And then I realized that the guy had a huge piece of leather on his shoulder that the bird was sitting on.

A bit different, I suppose, but the longer I live here, the less surprising I find things. I mean, it is a nice day out. Might as well take your pet hawk out for a stroll.

I'm also happy to report that I only paid $2.79 a gallon for mid-grade today. It's getting better, but I'll be happier once it gets down to about two and a quarter.

I also was driving by one of my favorite spots, Metro Pizza, and noticed the new sign out front that said they deliver all over the valley. Oh hell yeah. I'm only about three miles, maybe less, from there, so if they can deliver I'll be a happy boy. I'm wondering if it applies to hotels on the Strip, too. If so, that would be a huge bonus for tourists and visitors, because Metro Pizza makes a damn fine pie. I was going to stop and have lunch, but being budget-conscious this month, I decided to just come home and eat a ham and cheese samminch.

It was good, but it was no 9-inch pepperoni.


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