Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Lazy Day

I have a wonderful day with absolutely nothing planned except a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up a bag of ice. Other than that, I don't plan on doing a damn thing except relaxing--maybe I'll do a little writing or just putzing around the house.

I did a lot of that yesterday, too, but I managed to get out of the house for a little while. The truck was absolutely filthy--covered with the remnants of a dust storm and a couple of thunderstorms, making it look tan-colored instead of that attractive metallic burgundy. So I put a few bucks in the tank to get a discount on the car wash service, and now it's all clean and shiny again.

I also decided to go catch a movie, and after my last experience at the casino theatres, I avoided that place like the plague and just went to a local cinema. Talladega Nights was still playing, and I hadn't seen it, so I coughed up the seven bucks for a matinee. I've never been a huge fan of Will Farrell, but I had high hopes for this movie. All I can say is Feh... it was ok. Not great, but worth a laugh or two. Although I'm beginning to wonder if he is contractually obligated to run around in his tighty whiteys in every movie he ever makes. That joke is getting old. As usual, the outtakes shown during the credits had some of the better laughs.

But it was a fairly enjoyable way to spend the afternoon, even though it wasn't quite as funny as I'd hoped.

Right next door to the movie theatre was that other Cuban restaurant that I've mentioned before, owned by the same people who run the Florida Cafe down on the north Strip. I've wanted to try it for awhile, but I'm still fighting the head cold and most food just doesn't sound appetizing to me this week, so I gave it a pass, not wanting the experience to be a waste. Of course having not eaten anything all day except for a bowl of Special K, I ran down to Roberto's late last night for a burrito, but it sucked. Well, it might've been good, but I couldn't tell.

I've got a few movies on the Tivo that need to be watched, so I'll probably spend my day doing that. And even though I said I'd scale back on the football blogging, I have to post my college picks later today.


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