Thursday, September 07, 2006

Miracle Drug

My sleep schedule is all messed up. I've just been grabbing catnaps here and there for the past several days. The head cold is a big part of it, and my roommate and I haven't quite gotten the compromise on the thermostat worked out. Our rooms are cooled by the same unit, and he's a skinny old guy who works outdoors, so he's always cold when he's not outside. I'm a non-skinny younger dude who spends all of my time away from home in the refridgerated comfort of a casino, so I'm always hot when not at work. Since our schedules are opposite, I'm always waking up in a sweat because he's turned the A/C off again and is sitting in his recliner shivering away while watching tv. Luckily, late at night it's nice enough outside that I can open up the windows turn on the fans, and be comfortable enough in my room. But by 9 am, I'm roasting, and have to crank up the air conditioner and close up the windows again.

But it's comfy enough right now, and I managed to get a couple hours of sleep this evening.

I bought a bottle of that Zicam stuff yesterday and am just amazed at it's healing powers. It clears up all congestion and took away my sore throat, allowing me to finally get some rest. Of course, that kind of relief doesn't come cheap--it works out to just over $3000 per gallon, and to me it's worth every penny.

I guess if you're looking for a hot stock tip, go long on MTXX, the company that makes the stuff. But I'm sure sometime down the road, somebody somewhere will release a study that says Zicam causes nut cancer and makes your eyes go crossed or something like that, so I suppose you should proceed with caution. Due diligence and all that.

I had an enjoyable evening, one of my readers and fellow T2V compatriots, BubbaKitty arrived in town and offered to take me to dinner tonight, so we met up at the Wynn to hit their buffet. I've had their lunch buffet in the past, and it was excellent, but again, I'm not a big fan of buffets in general. Dinner was quite good, don't get me wrong, but I don't think I'd do it again. It's just tough to justify spending $35 or whatever the cost was.

There was some damn good food--cracked King Crab legs and peeled jumpo shrimp were a highlight. The carving station offered only prime rib and turkey--none of that fantastic teriyaki steak I had that time at lunch. But they also had a made-to-order risotto station, which was good, although it took about ten minutes to get your order. The veggies and salads were good, and I even got to sample some pretty darn good chicken pad Thai from the Asian station. And I don't know what kind of narcotics they put in their mashed potatoes, but not only did everyone rave about them, but they couldn't keep the line stocked--it was like crackheads lining up for free samples every time they ran out more mashed potatoes. Weird.

Dessert was excellent, although my favorite was the simple one scoop of vanilla bean and one scoop of bananas foster ice cream topped with a sprinkle of ground pralines.

The only downer of the evening was that since it was a buffet, we kept getting up and going back and forth to the food lines at different times, so it wasn't conducive to good conversation. I think from now on whenever I'm dining with new friends, it'll be at 'real' restaurants, not at buffets. But don't let my post here dissuade you from giving the Wynn a shot. If you're a buffet fan, you'll love it.

After dinner we wandered the casino a bit, but Steve's limits were much too high for our tastes. Hell, I wasn't going to gamble anyways since it's such a lean week for me, but even the three open Pai Gow tables had $25 and $50 minimums on a Wednesday night. But we watched a bit of the play at that WPT Poker game that I deal at my casino, and it was interesting to see people playing it for *real* money. We also caught a little action from the rail in the poker room and had our first hooker sighting of the evening before we parted ways.

I was so full and so tired that I collapsed into bed as soon as I got back home--at 8:30.

Now I'm up websurfing, channel surfing, and trying to figure out what my next post is going to be about.


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