Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Who Moved My Cheese?

Actually, the question is--Who stole my damn Ben & Jerry's?

I haven't had any ice cream in over two months, and since it's been so frickin hot and humid around here lately, I decided to treat myself the other night when I went grocery shopping. So I picked up two pints of The Good Stuff. One pint of Marsha Marsha Marshamallow (which I'd never had before) and one pint of Vanilla Heath Bar Crunch (My favorite flavor from them Vermont hippies).

Well, last night as I sat down at the keyboard to pound out the previous entries, I remembered my ice cream sitting in the freezer. So I walked out to the kitchen to fetch it.

I opened the freezer door to discover that I'd been burgled. Again. Except this wasn't merely a faceplate from a tempermental car stereo. This was high-quality premium ice cream that I'd actually gotten on sale.

Some people have no social graces. And once I find out who did it, I'm gonna kick 'em right in the Chubby Hubby.


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