Friday, July 07, 2006

No Catchy Headline Today

I was planning on going back to school again today, but I didn't get much sleep last night. I actually left work an hour early, taking off from the casino at the same time as all of the die-hard Pirates of the Caribbean fans left from the midnight premiere at our movie theatre. Yeah, we had a few swashbucklers and wenches lurking about last night, always a good time. But I came home and went directly to bed, waking up with my phone ringing at 8:30 (it was a wrong number).

Since I was awake, I decided to go ahead and just get up. After an hour or so of surfing the net, I showered up and headed out to run errands. First stop was the bank to withdraw a few fun tickets from the ATM. I did a little browsing at the auto-parts store, looking for black screw-covers for my front license plate. I found 'em, but they were five bucks. I can order them online for about half of that. But I picked up a few other things--a coconut-scented air freshener, a Hawaiian-print sunshade, and a shark decal for the liftgate. I'm also in the process of ordering a custom made license plate frame that says



which pretty much sums up my ideal CEO job in addition to classing up my vanity plates.

After that stop, I filled up the gas tank and found out that I'm getting about 14 miles a gallon while sitting in traffic. Ouch. Other Dakota owners feel my pain, but the consensus seems to be along the lines of 'What did you expect, it weighs a ton and is about as aerodynamic as a brick' or 'Next time get the V-8. Same mileage, more power...'

No big deal. It's a helluva lot nicer than the ghetto sled, more powerful (and nicer) than the Nissan, and it looks cool too. Just for the happy fact that I can sit in traffic and have the relative comfort of a working air conditioner and cd player is enough to justify the less-than-spectacular mileage. But now it's got a full tank of gas that should last me about three weeks, plus I ran it through the car wash to get rid of all the rain spots, so now it's all shiny and pretty again.

Once the errands were run, it was off to Metro Pizza for lunch. I think I may be going there too often, because as soon as I sat down the waitress asked me 'small pepperoni & sausage?' before I even picked up the menu.

Yep. And a Coke!

It's back to work tonight--no early out for me this time. Last night was a once-a-month indulgence that I took advantage of since all of my tables closed and I didn't feel like dealing blackjack. We have a new game debuting tonight too--a combo of blackjack and poker that seems pretty fun. I'll have a full report on it later this weekend.


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