Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Still Ranting

Perhaps I'm in serious need of a vacation, but here's the latest roster of Stuff that Pisses Me Off:

  • Any tv commercial with no speaking, just the sound of somebody tapping away at a keyboard. It's an annoying and cliched method. Enough is enough. Southwest Airlines is the most recent offender, but they are not alone.
  • That jerkoff that does the yelling on the the Oxy Clean commercials. I don't care how well the stuff works or what a good bargain it is--I will never use their product based on general principal, just like Geico Insurance.
  • That commercial for that new movie coming out, The Lady in the Water. Whispering in order to get people to listen is a cheap method that the public always falls for.
  • Oh yeah, and people that use an initial for a first name, instead of an actual name, like M. Night Shyamalan, need to be kicked in the nuts every half-hour until they renounce their pretentiousness. Same goes for guys named Tom who spell it with an 'h'.

Of course, most of these annoyances stem from the fact that I usually have the tv playing over my shoulder while I'm sitting at the computer, and they trick me into looking at the commercials. I should just go back to leaving it on the Retro-Active music channel instead of ESPN, the History Channel, or the Food Network.


PS. Almost forgot--there is no such word in the English language known as 'alot', either. That is all.

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