Wednesday, July 26, 2006

A Hypothetical Situation

Let's say that you're a member of an online community, perhaps a group of people who enjoy coming to Vegas and sharing information about all that it has to offer. Let's also say that you don't contribute much, but do spend a bit of time browsing the forums. Let's also say that since reading the some of those forums, you found mild entertainment in my various postings which eventually led you to this website.

We could also say that you decided to come out to Vegas for a visit, and while planning said visit, you sent me an email asking about my work schedule so that you could come out, say hi, and maybe play at my table. Being the gregarious sort that I am, of course I would agree to give you those details and invite you to come on by.

Since this is a hypothetical situation, let's say that you stopped by my casino, found my table, and bought in for a hundred bucks. Let's also say that I provided decent service, pleasant conversation, an occasional joke, and oh by the way, you tripled up your original buy-in to something north of $300 in less than an hour.

We can agree that all of those things would happen in our hypothetical world.

So let's also say that if--hypothetically--you are going to be a fucking stiff, even when you see other players around you setting the example, please don't waste my time with making arrangements to come see me. I don't want to know you. Seriously, if you're going to be that much of a flea, I'd prefer you remain anonymous, like the rest of your ilk.

Because if you were such a dirtbag, you might have a lot of gambling karma coming your way, and none of it good, I'm afraid. Hypothetically, of course.


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