Saturday, July 15, 2006

License To Chill

When I left the house last night to go to work, I noticed that the living room and kitchen areas seemed much warmer than usual. My roommate had some industrial-strength fans blowing, but it was hot air that was circulating. I'm guessing that he figures the carpet will dry out faster that way, so the air conditioning was cut off to the 'community' areas of the house.

So, when I got back home early this morning, I walked in the side door at the far end of the house by the laundry room and kitchen. I was first of all surprised to see that the door was wide open. But even more interesting was the fact that it was actually warmer inside the house than it was outside. But the fans were still blowing and the carpet was slowly drying out, so obviously the attempt was to vent the hot air.

On the plus side, whatever my roommate did to shut off the a/c to the rest of the house has totally benefitted me. My room is usually one of the warmest in the house, with a western exposure that is all glass, floor-to-ceiling. The blackout curtains help a little, but it gets HOT in there. The air conditioner barely keeps up, so I bought a 16-inch oscillating fan that has run full speed nonstop since the day I brought it home.

Anyhow, with no cold air being diverted to the huge open rooms in half of the house, most of that cold air is being piped directly to the vent over my bed. Oh hell yeah! I might actually get under the covers once I finally go to bed this morning. I love a cold bedroom--always have. I'm one of those sick freaks who would rather sleep under two comfortors and a wool blanket than thrash around under a single top sheet wishing I could turn the air down. And believe me, it is never cool enough for me in this bedroom, and even worse when I'm hosting the occasional sleepover.

So, now that I've learned that a soggy living-room carpet is all that it takes to get the temperature down to a comfortable level in my bedroom, I'm not above a little bit of sabotage. Brothaman might be replacing that water heater every week from now until October.


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