Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Another Adventure

Yeah, I'm still in limbo for the next month or so until I find out what my days off are going to be, so I can't really make any plans to do anything for awhile. Now that I've had some time to think about it, I'm hoping my new days off end up being Sunday/Monday or Monday/Tuesday. Football season is coming, so lots of folks want Sundays off, but working swing shift, it doesn't affect me much. If I worked Sundays, I'd only be missing about half of the late ESPN game--no big deal to me.

Anyhow, this month is very much like last October--no money in my pocket for a few weeks, even though this upcoming paycheck will likely be my largest take-home amount ever. I just have too many things to pay for all at once, that's all, so I'll be living on PB&J and ice water for a couple of weeks till I clear this hurdle. Once that's past, and I find out what my new permanent schedule will be like, I can go ahead and start looking for a second job dealing poker--even if it's at a dumpy place where polite company wouldn't think of coming to visit. Hey, if my gal Candy is willing to work at a hole like the Poker Palace, I shouldn't turn my nose up Sam's Town or even Joker's Wild.

Maybe by that time I can get back to having a life. I've been thinking that I need a getaway sometime very soon. As much as I love Vegas, sometimes I just have to get away from the sensory overload. A trip to the mountains is in the planning stages, but somehow I ended up with saltwater in my veins and I need to get back to the ocean. For the past few weeks I've been thinking about quick trip to San Diego, even if it's just to have breakfast at my favorite restaurant, dip my big toe in the ocean, and then turn around and come home. But why drive five or six hours and not make the most of it?

Thinking of the times when I lived there and all of the things I always wanted to do, but never did when I had the chance, I've decided that I want to go deep-sea fishing again. I don't think I've done so since about, oh, 1978. No, I don't care for modern 'sportfishing' where I pay an exorbitant amount to catch a marlin or sailfish--I just want to go out and catch something edible like sea bass, red snapper, or maybe even a yellowtail tuna.

I've been checking around this new-fangled internets thing and found some fairly reasonable rates for 3/4 day fishing trips. Less than a hundred bucks for the boat, the permits, and tackle rental. I think a day out on the big blue with a line in the water and a beer in the hand would do wonders for my disposition. Plus, bringing back a cooler full of fresh filets and sushi would be a nice bonus, too.

I mentioned it to my buddy Todd the other day, and he started going on and on about wanting to go shark fishing. Turns out that he's been planning to head out to San Diego for a couple of months now and do some fishing, too. I'd love to give it a try, but unfortunately, I haven't found much info about it. However, while poking around the website for Islandia Sportfishing, I saw in their photo gallery where one of the anglers landed a Mako shark.

It sure looks like a lot of fun for not-too-much money. If I could talk my buddy Ed into meeting us out there, it would be a damn near perfect getaway.


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