Sunday, July 30, 2006


Sometimes, I amaze myself with my own dumbassedness.

Last night, before I left for the evening, I got the tv stand put together, the audio problems with the surround sound ironed out, and managed to get the cable box and the television hooked back up and semi-wired. Today's project was to get the receiver connected to both of them , get it into the rack, and re-connect all of the video and audio leads correctly, plus hook up all six speakers and organize all of the wiring so that I had proper stereo surround sound coming out of the cable box, dvd player, and tuner. Not a really complicated project, but just tedious--I had to figure out which wire is which, which side is positive, then get down on the floor and stretch out behind the cabinet, shoving wiring through the small holes in the back of the entertainment unit, then crawling around to the other side, pulling them through, hooking them up, testing them, and so forth.

To make it easier, I had the 'mothership' unit of the receiver sitting on the floor in front of the brand-new-just-assembled entertainment center. Once I got all of the speaker wires, RCA cables, and S-video cable pulled through and hooked up, I picked the whole thing up off the floor, pushing the wires back with one hand while sliding the component onto it's new resting space on the shelf for the first time.

Unfortunately, I just assumed that the shelf was deep enough to accomodate the receiver.


With the back panel attached to the entertainment center, the receiver is about an inch-and-a-half too big, front-to-back, to close the glass doors on the front of the cabinet.


So after spending an hour getting everything hooked up properly, I found out that the farking dvd player/stereo system is too big to fit on the damn shelf. Of course, had I just left the back panel of the shelf unit with it's too-small openings unattached in the first place, I never would have had this problem. So, it was back on the floor for another hour, crawling around and sweating my ass off, undoing all of my previous work and then starting over from square one.

Finally, around 4:00 this afternoon, I got everything sorted out and installed properly. My tv/cable/dvd/stereo are all in sync. But I'm pretty sure that I broke my own personal record for swear words in one day while getting it done.

And next week, I get to do the same thing all over again, this time with the computer.


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