Monday, July 03, 2006


Hey Gang...

Sorry it's been so long since I last made an update. I usually try to avoid going a full five days without posting, but with the email box filling up and the cellphone starting to ring with questions of Are you still alive?, I figured I should at least check in and let everyone know that I'm still kickin'. The problem is that it's a full-on holiday weekend, and Vegas is full of more Southern Californians than Southern California, so I've been extremely busy at work this week. And since times are good, all of my friends always want to go out afterward to shoot some pool and have a beer or two, meaning that once I crawl home, exhausted, I don't do too much else but sleep and then go back to work.

And while you, my readers, haven't benefitted from it--yet--I've been working on a lengthy but not-quite-finished post on a topic of some importance to me. Nothing earth-shattering, but I got a wild hair the other day and started writing. Maybe it'll be done sometime later this week. But it's got lots of links included so you can waste your day looking at that instead of working once I post the final draft.

Another reason that I haven't been blogging too much lately is that my mind was elsewhere. It's been three weeks since I brought my new truck home, but I was starting to worry that the financing deal wouldn't get done. After going broke and turning my credit to complete shiat, applying for credit again for the first time in over four years led to some sleepless nights--I'd gotten two rejection letters from finance companies last week, and was beginning to wonder if I'd actually have to take the truck back to the dealership (or worse, be offered unfavorable terms if I wanted to keep it. Now that I've had it for awhile, of course I want to keep it!).

But I had a major sigh of relief today after I got a call from my new finance company who felt I was worth the risk, and all is well, they just called to verify my info and to tell me where to send the first payment. Turns out that my payments are actually a dollar less per month than I was told at the dealership, too. Heh!

So now that it's officially mine, I can start to do things like put in a bedliner and order that new University of Margaritaville decal for the rear window. I'll have to stop by AutoZone and pick up some coconut air-freshener, too. Not that I don't dig the new-truck smell, but with the coconut smell going on, my senses get the double whammy of new-truck goodness and bikini-clad chicks on the beach, a pretty good one-two punch of olfactory sensation, if you ask me.


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