Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Seventh Circle of Gub-mint

As much fun as I had on Tuesday, I can't say the same was true for Wednesday. I was hoping to get up early, but I ended up staying up too late (blogging!) so I didn't make it to bed until almost four am. So I slept until noon.

Once I got up, it was back to the bank to get a few more Benjamins. Then I went back to the Dodge dealer to get a copy of my 'Green Slip' which is just a Notice of Sale. (I was previously told that my green slip was shipped out by DHL on Monday the 3rd of July. It only had to go about five miles, so I began to think that it might've gotten lost). Anyhow, once I got to the finance office, it turns out that the green slip was never mailed. It was still sitting in my file! On the plus side, I was in and out of there in less than five minutes. After that, I lost over three hours of my life waiting in line at the DMV. My dealer-mounted temporary tag expires on Friday, so I needed to get the truck registered asap.

The first question I have--why in the hell do people insist on bringing the whole damn family with all the screaming brats to the DMV? It's not a good family activity at all. Only one person needs to be there to pay and to sign forms, so the reasoning is beyond me. Leave your snot-nosed brats at home. Second question--this town is overflowing with outrageously hot women. When do they go to the DMV? I've been there a few times now, spending significant time there each time, and I have yet to see anyone remotely good-looking in the crowd (except for your humble scribe, of course...). Also, is there anything more depressing than standing in line for twenty minutes just to get your 'official' line number? Then, after explaining the purpose of your visit getting a number of G-595, you hear the overhead voice announcing that number G-482 was now being served.

Glad I didn't have anything important to do today...

Anyhow, after enduring waiting in line for three frickin' hours, I finally got the opportunity to part with another $434, making myself legal in the eyes of the State of Nevada. But the BFOONRY vanity tags have been ordered, and should be here in about 4-5 weeks. Also, since the Dodge Dakota doesn't have a manufacturer's license frame on the front bumper, I don't have to mount a front license plate. So they only gave me one '07' registration sticker for the rear tag, which is cool, because I want to keep the skull & crossbones plate that I've already mounted up there.

I finally scooted out of there around 5:30 in the evening, and hopefully won't have to go back again anytime soon. I then made a quick stop at the grocery store for some essentials, and now I'm back home enjoying my evening off, watching 'Pirate Tech' on the History Channel.

Makes me want to go a-pillagin' and wenchin'.


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