Thursday, July 27, 2006

And On The Sixth Day...

I'm sure you all are quite tired of me bitching about having to work six days every week, so I'll shut up about it. But I had my quarterly review this past Monday, and after they gave me a pat on the head, I asked 'em how much longer I have to keep doing this. I was told probably until the middle of August, so I'm guessing at least two or three more weeks until they get all the newbies they hired processed and scheduled. By that time, of course, I'll be searching for that day job dealing poker, so my free time is going to become damn near extinct in the near future.

Because of that, I'm thinking of taking a quick getaway weekend to Phoenix. It'll be nice to see Ed, Eddie, and George & Marlisha outside of Vegas for once. Just a nice steak dinner somewhere or even a bbq in the backyard would be a welcome diversion from life as I know it. I'd also like to get the truck out onto the freeway for real and stretch her legs to find out what kind of mileage I can get. The trek up to Mt. Charleston was only about a half hour drive beyond the Spaghetti Bowl, so it doesn't really count as a road trip.

But the point is, I'd really like to have a brief 'vacation' before I start working like a robot. I think that the next time I'll be able to take a few days away from work will be next March for the Madness. And that's a long time away.

Don't get me started with the holidays, either...

Anyhow. As good as yesterday was, it got even better--In the mail, I got my custom made license plate frame that said Hurricane Mikey's Beach Bar - Casino - Brothel which was actually the original inspiration for the t-shirts. I'm still waiting on the BFOONRY vanity plates, they should be here soon and I'll be sure to post pics of the truck once it gets completely mikeyfied.

Once I got to work last night, I ran into the gal from the personal ads again. After I arrived and signed in and checked the roadmap, I saw her sitting at the Crazy 4 Poker game, so I went over to say hello and tell her where to find me. She joined me an hour later while I was dealing the WPT game, but she was chasing the jackpots and her bankroll got worn down waiting for something big to hit that just never quite came. After I left that game, she joined me on the Pai Gow table where she did a little better, but once I left there, it was after midnite and she scooted out. She did, however, tell me that after we split up last Wednesday night, she stopped to get gas on her way home. Still feeling like it was her lucky night (well, it was--she spent two hours of it with me!), she put twenty bucks into the video poker machine while her gas was pumping. She then hit four of a kind with a kicker for another $800 win! Very cool. I was happy for her. (Oh yeah, for those of you that never venture off the Strip, every gas station and convenience store in town has video poker machines).

Tonight, the luck just wasn't with her--I don't know what she left with, but I know she had a couple of ATM receipts in her wallet. But I'm sure my chances would improve if I could just deal her that elusive Royal Flush at the Pai Gow table. Of course, I've never been able to deal one to her, but the chain-smoking Chinese guy with bad teeth who never washes his hands after he uses the can hits one every week.

Of course, he loves me.

Life just isn't fair sometimes.


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