Sunday, July 23, 2006

Six the Hard Way

Even though it's always an eight-hour day in the casino, in reality, we only work six. Taking a twenty minute break after every hour spent dealing, well, you can do the math. Sometimes it's an easy night, and sometimes--especially on weekends--it can be a real drag.

Last night was one of those nights that seemed to be never-ending. I couldn't wait to get out, and gave an audible Thank You Jeebus when I got tapped out at 3:40 instead of 4:00 am.

As much of a drag as it was, I set a new personal record last night. Just call me a Mikey-of-all-trades, because I dealt six different games before going home. Yep, six. Most dealers usually spend their entire shift dealing the same game--you start on dice or blackjack, you deal dice or blackjack all night. But since I've got mad casino skillz in every game except for baccarat and roulette, they use me to plug a lot of holes, especially late at night once the dealers who signed up for Early Out start getting sent home.

Last night, in order, I was found on the following tables.

Pai Gow
World Poker Tour Hold Em
Bonus Hold Em
Let It Ride

Damn near wore my ass out. When they took me off of the dice game, I thought they were going to close the table and offer to send me home, but I ended the evening on a double-deck $15 blackjack game. I was hoping for a mindless shoe game, but luckily there were only two players at the table, so it was an easy 40 minutes.

Before I left, the floor supervisor came by to tell me to make sure I checked my schedule before I left--there were some last minute revisions.

I did, and found out that I'll be working six frickin days again next week.

Hopefully, when we get that new shift bid done on Saturday, it will address the shortage of mid-week dealers and I can go back to having two days off every week. I guess this means that my days off are probably going to change.


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