Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Well, it looks like the better team won tonight--Congrats to the Longhorns. It was a great game, and Vince Young is the real deal. Unfortunately, he sounded like a total tool during his post-game interview. Yo Vince, it ain't the Vibe Awards, there are white people watching. Try to speak English next time.

However, I was most impressed with the Texas defense--they didn't miss a single frickin tackle the entire game. USC missed tackles all night and that's why they're in second place. So if any of you took my previous advice to bet the paycheck on USC, it's time to go underground and treat that bookie like an old student loan lender.

Hello. May I speak to Hurricane Mikey?

No man, he moved to Canada or something... you got the wrong number.

I guess that's why I'm a dealer and not a handicapper.

The sadness that college football is over for another nine months won't hit for me until after the Super Bowl when there is no more football at all. Baseball is cool and all, but I don't get amped up for it like I do for the football season. Call it the post-holiday blues. Oh well, we still have another month of NFL playoffs ahead of us, which I'm really looking forward to. And the fact that my Rams finally dumped Mike Martz gives me a little sliver of hope for a good season next year, as long as they don't bring Norv Turner, Dom Capers or one of the other retreads in to replace him. I'll take Mooch though.

By the way, I finally finished watching both seasons of Entourage yesterday. I still stand by my earlier statement that it's the best show on TV, although after watching Debi Mazar for four straight hours, I have a serious potty-mouth problem. Luckily I've got the day off tomorrow, and can get it out of my system when I go down to the Cox Cable office and the DMV, instead of getting in trouble at work. By the way, I visited trying to figure out when season three begins, but their broadcast schedule shows only reruns through the end of February, and no word on the next season. Anybody out there heard anything?

This just in... the Stardust is officially closing. Finally getting torn down to make room for a 4-hotel resort called Echelon Place. So when you come to Vegas next time, make sure you hit the Dust before the wrecking ball does. No exact date, but they're saying 'next year' sometime. Uh oh. I guess that means that the prices at the Peppermill are gonna go up again.


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