Monday, January 02, 2006

A Few Comments

Hey Gang! I almost forgot that today was another holiday out in the real world. I wanted to go down to the bank and make a deposit with some of my winnings from the past week, but of course banks make more money being closed than open, so I was shut down again. I swear half the time I show up down there the place is locked up. Oh well, tomorrow is my day off, anyways.

I was late getting out of work this morning, in fact they even asked if I'd work overtime--it was busy and they were short of dealers. I volunteered, but said if they didn't absolutely need me, then I'd like to go home--I couldn't stop yawning--it's been a very long two weeks and I was about to pass out face first and start drooling in my chip rack. (By the way, NYE was a $250+ night for tokes. Nice!) So they cut me out as soon as they found a dealer to take over my table. Then of course when I got home I couldn't sleep for almost three hours.

I finally fell asleep around 8 am, but I woke up to my phone ringing at 11:30--my brother-in-law David was calling to tell me that he was heading out to LA tomorrow because he scored a couple of Rose Bowl tickets. And he actually thinks that Texas has a chance to win! Poor misguided soul.

By the way, in case you didn't know or hadn't noticed, but my brother's name is David, and my brother-in-law's name is also David. So whenever we're all together, I love tossing out the whole This is my brother David and my other brother David line. Highest of high comedy, but since whenever we're together it's always in Tennessee or Alabama, nobody gives it a second thought that two brothers have the exact same name and all comedy potential just falls flat. It's just not fair--that joke should be getting millions of laughs--Maybe if they ever got out of the south and we took it on the road...

Anyhow. I just wanted to let everyone know that I read all of your comments that you post, none are ignored. In fact, I check the comments several times a day looking for feedback or to see if whatever I've written was of any interest to anyone out there. So just because I don't always respond in the comment section, please don't think I'm not hearing what you're saying--I appreciate them all. I just don't like to fill up my comment section with my own comments. Every now and again I'll post a response, but for the most part I like to stay out of there.

Speaking of the comments section, I also want to thank everyone for the well wishes of the past few weeks--it means a lot. Especially since I'm out here on my own, it really helps to know that others are thinking of me.

There's not much going on around here today. I'm just catching up on all the sleep that I've missed these past few weeks and watching a little football today. I'm working again tonight, but then I've got the next three days off with absolutely nothing on the agenda except to buy some more ice cubes and drink a little bit o' rum.


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