Tuesday, January 17, 2006

More Big News

In case you haven't heard, I am an idiot.

For the third frickin time in two weeks, I have gone to the store and bought the wrong kind of razors. Three times now. For the closest shave, besides the straight-razor job I had last week, I always use Gillette Mach 3 Turbo razors. Of course they are the most expensive razors on the market--the personal grooming equivalent of printer ink--but they do the best job. I'm down to my last four razors (I would have 12 more, but that drunk stripper bitch I used to live with stole a box of them out of my bathroom. I got even with her though--she left her toothbrush unguarded the night I left for the last time...), so I keep trying to remember to pick up some more every time I got to the drugstore or grocery store. But like a dumbass, I keep picking up Sensor Excel's, which I used to use back in the day before Mach 3's were invented. Unfortunately, I don't have a Sensor razor anymore, at least that I know of. Maybe if I dig through some of my storage boxes, I'll find one. I hope so, because I've now got 24 razors I can't use otherwise.

The lesson, as always--I am an idiot.

Hey, the new work unis last night were a big hit. Not nearly as flamboyant as I thought. They actually have an open collar, much to the rejoicing of the peasants who must wear them every day. Our last shirts buttoned at the very top with a big blue jewel more suitable for mounting in my belly button and scaring the shit out of people at the Mirage pool than for comfortable dealing.

These new shirts come in three colors, burgundy, blue, and a goldish/brown, and they are designed like long-sleeve bowling shirts. Not too bad. I like them much better than the last ones we had to wear. Some of the girls complain that the sleeves are a bit too long, but I've always had problems getting shirts long enough for my monkey arms, so I think they're just fine.

Also, all of my new bedding finally arrived yesterday. I got the comforter set a couple days ago, but I didn't get all of the pillows delivered until last night. So this morning I washed all of the bedding and I'm in the process of getting my new bed made to look like a new bed. It's pretty spiffy, and now my only challenge is to find a suitable companion to help me break it in.

And on that note, my cellphone is ringing...It's Angy. Looks like we're having lunch at the Wynn buffet. I gotta go.


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