Tuesday, January 24, 2006

A Conversation With the Boss

So last night I was dealing Pai Gow on two of the $20 tables, and a $5 blackjack shoe game. During my first hour of Pai Gow, I had a pretty big player--betting upwards of $300 per hand--at my table who was not doing well at all. Unfortunately, he was getting decent hands--lots of straights and 3-of-a-kinds--but I was getting monsters, flushes and full houses. So with every loss he kept getting more and more animated (and by animated, I mean pissed off), throwing the cards around, stomping off, basically just letting his emotions get the better of him.

Suddenly I felt like I was being watched and on one shoulder I've got the floor supervisor, and over the other shoulder I've got the Shift Boss. (I guess that explains why the player suddenly stopped acting like a jackass...)

I turned to give him a quick glance and heard him say Feeling the heat, Mikey?

I nodded and laughed, and then proceeded to set another winning hand, taking the guy's last $500. He stormed away from the table, while I pushed the cash into the drop box.

Boss: How much did you take that guy for?

Mikey: About $2500 in the past half hour.

Boss: Do me a favor. Go buy yourself something nice on credit tomorrow.

Mikey: (confused) Why?

Boss: Because you're going to be working here for a very long time.

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