Sunday, January 22, 2006

I Know I Can Be Colorful

It's a lazy Sunday morning, and while I woke up without the alarm, I still don't feel like I've gotten enough sleep. A cup of Don Francisco's is helping, but now I'm out of creamer. Guess I won't drink the whole pot this time.

I left work an hour early last night--I was getting WORKED--so when the floor manager came around asking who would like to jet at 3 am I gladly volunteered. I dealt $5 shoe blackjack all night long, and let me tell you, that game brings out all the expert players. It just amazes me how stupid people are with their money. I mean, we already have a pretty substantial house advantage--people don't have to give us their money by playing like complete farking morons (and then getting upset when they take the beating they so richly deserve for their own stupidity) !

Seriously people, if I'm showing a seven thru ten, draw until you hit a hard 17 or you bust. It's that simple. And if I'm showing a 4 through 6, once you hit 12 or higher, quit taking cards! If you learn nothing else about playing blackjack, learn those two simple rules. Oh yeah, and quit splitting nines. And it's not the dealer's fault when he keeps making his hands with the low cards that you refuse to take--it's your own stupid asphalt.

Generally, I really want people to win and have a good time at my table, so it irks me beyond all comprehension when I see them throwing their money away. I try to give a few helpful hints, but they never seem to sink in. In that case, I just shut up and deal and hoover up all of the chips with a knowing smile. I guess the lesson here is to go long on the gaming sector because the world is full of idiots.


Well, Stephanie never showed up last night, and we played the same game as in the past--Give me a call and we'll hook up. So I did, and it went to voicemail, and she never called back. I gave her the benefit of the doubt the first time, so this second time was the last time. Besides, I'm beginning to wonder if something is up because it seems like every guy in the casino knows her, so I'm afraid she might be the Village Bicycle. I sure hope not.

But after I called her, I escaped the casino and headed over to the bar to hang out with my gang for awhile. It was a mellow night--I just smoked a cigar and nursed one drink for a couple of hours and just played a little video blackjack, making $25 in the process. I was home by around 5:30 this morning.

Now that I'm up and functioning, getting ready to settle in and watch some football, I did a little more online shopping. The open collars on the new uniforms present a problem--no white shirts are allowed to show underneath, black only. All of my t-shirts are white v-necks, but they still peek out at the collar, so now I have to get me some black t-shirts for work. While ordering them, I also bought three more pairs of those nifty black polyester work pants that the chicks dig so much, and then treated myself to a new Hawaiian shirt--I haven't bought one in months, so I feel like I'm due. Besides, my wardrobe is slowly turning all black--pants, socks, t-shirts, so a little splash of color is probably a good thing.


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