Friday, January 06, 2006

Shopping Spree

So I was slumbering away blissfully around 11:15 last night when my cellphone started ringing. Uh oh, I thought. Phone calls at this time of night usually don't bring good news. Checking the display I saw that it was my friend Jen, so I figured it was something minor like a booty call or a drunken I love you message. At the very least it would be an invitation to meet up for drinks somewhere.

No such luck. She was just getting out of dealing a private party over at Bellagio and was driving home. Apparently she suffers from the same affliction that my sister Amy does, the impossible-to-resist urge to call me whenever driving home from work. We hadn't talked since Monday, and she'd made some good money tonight and had a few celebrity sightings she wanted to tell me about, so my ass woke up and chatted with her for a few minutes until she got home safely.

When I hung up the phone, I realized it was getting close to midnite, so I hopped on the computer. The first order of business was to check the ol' bank account, and sure enough, my biggest casino check to date had been direct-deposited.

Time to stimulate the economy a little.

I couldn't begin to tell you how many hours I've spend 'Windows shopping' over the past week with all of the links people sent me due to my need for new bedding. Well, yesterday afternoon I finally found a set I liked and bookmarked it. It was a manly-but-really nice looking tropical set with 300 thread-count cotton sheets. Of course when I finally went to buy it, it was only available in full size. Dammit. So I spent another hour or so looking at all of my second choices, and found an excellent replacement--a better tropical print, but with 250 thread-count sheets. Still, I like it and it still kinda says Hurricane Mikey Slept Here. (The cracked sidewalk in front of the Golden Nugget said that once too, but unfortunately you can't buy that on Amazon). I also ordered four new pillows to complete the ensemble. Now I won't be ashamed when I entertain, no longer having to use my nasty old pillows and stuck-in-the-eighties bedding (oh yeah, and actually having a mattress helps, too).

So the new linens are on the way, and I want to thank everyone for their suggestions. After those essentials were purchased, I went over to and had a couple of boxes of Partagas sent my way. Again, thanks to everyone who sent links to other sources, but JR beat them on price every time. My buddy Ed W uses them about once a month, and has been satisfied with their service, so between his recommendation and their prices I feel like I did ok.

After I get a few hours of sleep, I'm going to hit the ATM for some walking-around money, and then I'm meeting up with my niece Allison and her husband Mike over at the Monte Carlo. I'm gonna take them to breakfast at the Peppermill, then we're going to check the half-price ticket trailer out front to see if there are any shows for them to see later tonight. Then we'll probably head over to the Plaza for a little $5 blackjack and then wander Fremont Street for a couple of hours. Alli hasn't been to Vegas since she was nine years old, so she's got a lot of catching up to do.

But then I have to work tonight. If you're in the neighborhood, stop on by and say hello. I'm the bald guy in the shiny gay shirt sitting behind the pai gow table flirting with the old Asian women, seeing if I can be the first one to pry a tip out of them.


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