Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Timely Response

I don't know how many of you out there are aware, but back in August I decided that I'd like to supplement my income by finding some sort of part-time job--preferably working in a sports book since football season was about to start. Sounded like the perfect job...taking bets, watching football, making a little extra cash.

So I went online, found openings at MGM Grand, jumped through all of their hoops and submitted my application. I was immediately contacted asking if I could come in the next day for interviews. I gathered all the required materials, including my ten-year work and home address histories, and spent a couple of hours sitting around in their 'career center' jumping through more hoops and answering questions.

The whole experience ended with the HR toad telling me that my info would be forwarded to the appropriate department and that I would be contacted shortly.

That was over four months ago. Football season ended on Sunday.

I never heard from MGM Grand again. No phone calls, no emails, not even a rejection letter. Nothing, until yesterday. I opened my email box in the morning and got this timely gem from MGM:

Thank you for your previous application for the position "WRITER/CASHIER-ON CALL".
This position has been recently closed.

Human Resources

So I guess I didn't get the job. Bummer, huh? That's ok, my next job interview will probably be for a poker dealing gig somewhere. On strip, off-strip, it doesn't matter. I just want the extra $$$.


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