Thursday, January 05, 2006

What Vegas Needs

There have been several movies and tv shows filmed here in Vegas, and those Vegas addicts out there have seen every one of them. But there's one show filmed in New York City that needs to be done out here in Vegas, if only for the fact that it would be high comedy because the people in it would likely be drunk.

I'm talking about Cash Cab on Discovery Channel. Have you seen this? It's just a show with a cab driving around NYC picking up passengers, then they spend their whole trip answering trivia questions from the driver. And the questions are easier than $100 questions on Jr High Jeopardy. And they get cash for each question they answer correctly. Of course there is the three-strikes-and-you're-out rule, but damn, I've seen like three episodes and have only missed two questions so far, and one of them was a 5-part answer to a bonus round.

Anyhow, this would be a huge hit in Vegas. First of all, we have hundreds of cabs driving around this town, and picking up unsuspecting people and giving them money to gamble with while sitting in traffic would be awesome. And it would be great tv just because of the random drunks and freaks that they'd be picking up on The Strip. Somebody needs to tell Discovery Channel about this untapped gold mine. It'd be like a combination of game show and reality show if it were filmed out here, and I'm telling you, it would be a success.

Of course, the trick would be finding a cab driver out here that actually spoke English, but after that, it's smooth sailing. Hell, I'd even do it if they offered me the job.

Couldn't you just see me as a mobile game show host? Now that would be a fun job.

By the way, I want to thank everyone for their quick answers to my query regarding the start of the third season of Entourage. But the prize for first place goes to Courtney from Philadelphia, because of her immediate email response telling me that I can expect new episodes in June. Nice! I can't wait. Until then, I'll start Tivo-ing the next season of 24 which starts next Sunday.


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