Sunday, December 04, 2005

Sunday Morning Update

Alright alright alright... It's Sunday morning and I'm running on just about two hours of sleep, but there is so much great football going on that I forced myself to get up and watch the games. Not only do I have to give props to Cox for their latest generation of digital cable with includes the free Tivo-thingy, but I've also got picture-in-picture capability that doesn't require an extra VCR (does anyone still use those things, anyways?). It's a great solution for the two-great-games-but-only-one-tv dilemma I find myself in some days.

Ok, first item of housekeeping--I spent a good portion of yesterday afternoon trying to install new code into the website template to make the Comments sections a little more user-friendly. It was quite frustrating, but it seems to be working now. However, one of the side effects was that all of the old comments didn't carry over. My apologies to those of you that had especially pithy remarks, (this means you, Mr. Alarm Clock Jackass and Doc 'Talent Scout' Al). Now, I could get the old comments reposted, but that would require more coding on my part and I'm just too damn lazy. Besides, I'm not sure if I'm going to keep things this way. We'll see how it goes. So bottom line, my apologies for the missing comments, but hopefully this new setup will work a little better. I was getting a lot of spam in the comments section, and even the first roadblock I put up with the text box didn't stop it all. We'll see how this works.

Second of all, in yesterday's post I mentioned how I was looking forward to going back to work and finding out how much I made in tips on Friday night. I've got two words--Cha Ching! Brothaman made over three bills for his efforts that night. Best day ever! And because of that, a lot of the dealers took off early last night, so with fewer dealer-hours to divide all the tokes amongst, I should have another big night since I stayed the entire eight hours. As much fun as I had last night, nothing really memorable stands out except for one hour at Let It Ride where I dealt a four-of-a-kind (player made $800 on an $11 bet), then followed it up with back-to-back full-houses to a couple of different players. It was nice to see that game paying off, because usually I just hoover up all the chips every time I sit at that table.

On an interesting note, I got the Ghetto Sled repainted yesterday. It wasn't on purpose, however. Ok, actually, I didn't repaint it, some feathered friends with a sick sense of humor did. I came out of the house yesterday and it looked like a flock of very large and incontinent birds used my car for target practice. Seriously, there was an avian turd covering the drivers' side window that looked like it could've been dropped by a pterodactyl that spent the morning gorging itself at the Circus Circus Buffet. Frankly, I'm surprised that the glass survived the impact. But that wasn't the only one. The entire car is covered with runny aerial detritus giving it a Dali-esque quality that one must see to appreciate. For that reason, I'm not going to wash it for a couple days so that others can enjoy it as much as I do. Besides, everyone knows that birds only shit on a clean car, so I'm hoping they'll give somebody else's ride the Dresden treatment this week.


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