Thursday, December 01, 2005

Another Blogger Quiz

Catching up on email today, I found another quiz in my inbox. This one is 35 questions long, but reading over it, I thought this has Mikey written all over it, so I'll do my best to answer every question for your enjoyment.

  1. Internet Explorer or Mozilla? Firefox, baby! IE licks.
  2. XM or Sirius? I currently don't have satellite radio, but I'm leaning towards XM once I finally get it. Although, whoever the program director for XM 25-The Blend is, they need to be kicked squarely in the nuts. God what a horrid channel.
  3. Favorite Blog/Blogger? Kim du Toit. I think the latest incarnation of his site is called The Other Side.
  4. Besides Google, what ‘reference’ website do you use most? I use it several times a day.
  5. Besides Amazon or Ebay, where do you do most of your online shopping? Either JR Cigars or Casual Male Big & Tall.
  6. How many email addresses do you have? Four, I think. I only use two regularly, though.
  7. What (Non-pr0n) website do you go to when you feel like daydreaming? Yachtworld. com, the Boats for Sale section.
  8. Over the course of your lifetime, how many different cities have you lived in? Ten. Los Angeles, Nashville (three times!), St. Louis, Atlanta, San Diego, Rexburg Idaho, Juneau Alaska, Prescott Arizona, Phoenix, Las Vegas.
  9. In 2008, who would you most like to see running for President from each party? Least like? I'd most like to see the Hildebeast representing the Dems, only because it would be a landslide wipeout on the scale of the beat-down Reagan gave Mondale in 1984. I'd like to see Condeleeza Rice run on the Republican ticket, but I don't know if the GOP is far enough beyond the old-boys-country-club mentality to nominate a black woman. As far who I'd least like to see from the Dems, it doesn't matter to me--they are all equally reprehensible. But I'd hate to see John McCain be the Republican nominee. God, that would suck ass completely.
  10. Where do you steal most of your music from? Well, now that I've outgrown Columbia House, I get most of my tunes from I-Mesh.
  11. What’s the weirdest thing on your desk right now? A replica leg-lamp from 'A Christmas Story'
  12. What kind of car/truck do you drive? The Ghetto Sled is a 1994 metallic green Lincoln Continental with leather seats and an eerie green-glowing dashboard.
  13. What is hanging from your rear-view mirror? Yes, I actually have a set of fuzzy dice hanging from the mirror
  14. What was the best job you’ve ever had? Teaching option trading to the new brokers at Schwab. Decent money, independence, fun people to work with, great benefits, interesting subject.
  15. What was the worst job you’ve ever had? Fundraising for a non-profit charity. Ugh. Telemarketing with a self-righteous attitude.
  16. Do you smoke? What brand? Never smoked a cigarette in my life. But I love cigars and Dominican Partagas Black Label are my favorites (when I don't have any Cuban Cohiba Siglo V's on hand...)
  17. If you were independently wealthy, name three other places where you’d have a home. Isla de Cozumel, Mexico. Somewhere in the hills of Tennessee. Annapolis, Maryland--on the water.
  18. If you were king for a day, name one government agency you’d do away with. That's easy--on the federal level, the IRS. On the state level, the DMV.
  19. What reading material is stacked on the back of your toilet? The Ocean Almanac by Robert Hendrickson, some sailing magazines, the latest Dell computer catalog.
  20. What book is currently on your nightstand? Blue Latitudes by Tony Horwitz
  21. In your hometown, what’s the name of your favorite places for breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Breakfast--Peppermill, Lunch--Binion's Snackbar, Dinner--Ortanique
  22. How much do you spend at Starbucks per month? Maybe five bucks. I don't go there much. Seriously people, it's overpriced filtered bean water...
  23. What is your next realistic big-ticket purchase going to be? A new bed and a laptop.
  24. Where will you take your next vacation? Eastern Caribbean, onboard the Caribbean Princess.
  25. If Hollywood called and offered you a major movie with a steamy love scene, the only caveat being that the other actor/actress had to be at least ten years older than you, who would you prefer the other star to be? Either Kim Basinger or Morgan Fairchild. But since they're giving me creative input, I'd have to say "Both".
  26. Which character on Gilligan’s Island are you most like? The Skipper.
  27. What’s the last DVD that you purchased? Snatch.
  28. Favorite board game? Sequence or Othello, but I haven't played Othello in years. I like cribbage, too, but I don't know if that counts as a board game.
  29. For what product was the last coupon you used? 'All you can drink for two people at the Ellis Island bar'
  30. Favorite snack? This goes in cycles, but right now I'm kind of partial to sun-dried tomatoes and cream cheese on crackers.
  31. If you had to eat only fast food for an entire month, which fast food restaurant would you choose? Del Taco.
  32. What’s the funniest bumper sticker you’ve seen lately? There is room on earth for all of God's creatures--right next to the mashed potatoes
  33. Have you ever fallen asleep in a movie theatre? If so, what movie? Yep, twice. Once during Fantasia and the other during Seven Years in Tibet.
  34. How many foreign country’s stamps are in your passport? None. I've had the passport for four years, but none of the countries I've been to in that time have stamped it (Mexico, Belize, Cayman Islands, Netherland Antilles, Bahamas)
  35. If you played golf, name three other people that would make up your perfect foursome. My buddy Eddie and I have actually had this conversation in the past. We always joked that it would be him, me, David Lee Roth, and Fred Couples. I haven't picked up the sticks in years, but if I could choose I'd say Charlie Steiner, Rich Eisen, and Charles Barkley. Of course Eva Mendez would have to be the cart girl...


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