Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Elves Are Busy...

So I had nothing to drink in the house besides milk, OJ, or coffee, and I'd already had all three with breakfast. I was thirsty and needed a Coke to get the creative juices flowing this afternoon. So I put some pants on and made my way down to the nearest convenience store to pick up a couple of bottles. By the time I got back, there was a big brown box on sitting on my front porch, addressed to me! Woo hoo--Toys!

Well, it wasn't from my sisters, but another one of my kooky friends, Angy. I brought it inside and spent a few minutes attacking the packing tape, but I finally got it opened. Inside were all kinds of goodies, a so-ugly-it's-cute miniature Christmas tree, some wrapped presents, and a couple of packages of holiday snacks. Oh hell yeah--that 'moose crunch' ain't gonna make it until sunset, I'm afraid... Anyhow, I set up the tree on top of my bookshelf and put a couple of the gifts underneath it. One of the wrapped packages sounded suspiciously like a box of Captain Crunch, and another one was clearly a department store box designed to hold a wallet.

So I called Angy to make sure that I was supposed to keep them under the tree until the 25th or if I could open any of them now. She said that she didn't care, so I left the two packages whose contents were unknown under my Charlie Brown tree, and opened the replacement wallet (since my other one is hanging together by a thread), and the Captain Crunch (since I ran out just this morning...) So I have some treats to nibble on, a new wallet, and some presents to open on Christmas morning!

And the big mystery present arrives in a couple days too.

It's a Festivus Miracle!


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