Friday, December 16, 2005

Can't... Stop... Eating... Them...

Well, mark two more items off the ol' Christmas list. Another box arrived early this afternoon from Nashville, included were some wrapped items to go under my Charlie Brown tree, but two things weren't wrapped. A 2006 calendar featuring tropical scenery (no boobies on this one, it came from Mom), and a bottle of Malibu rum. Oh hell yeah.

But also included was a huge tin of the family holiday favorite--peanut butter balls! I've already eaten about a half dozen of them, so I've got a bit of a sugar rush going right now. They're so tasty that I can't stop munching on them, even when I put the lid back on the container and set it out of reach. I must stop...

And if I didn't have to work tonight, I'd bust open that bottle of rum, too.


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