Monday, December 26, 2005

Better Than Church on a Sunday Night

Wow. I've come to the end of a very busy week and I'm exhausted. I worked five days this past week, and worked the entire five days--no early outs at all for me this time around. And I found out that I'm working again tomorrow night, too, giving me four days this week. That's 90% of the way to full-time, by my calculations.

Unfortunately, our tokes weren't as big as anticipated these past few days. I'm guessing that folks were spending their extra cash on toys for their kids or taking their families out to dinner and stuff instead of dropping it in our toke boxes, so I can't really fault them for that. While the money this week was still decent, it just wasn't enough to get excited about. But I worked hard for this cash--Unlike the 8 pm shifts where I sometimes take six breaks after midnite, all of these 6 pm shifts I've been doing really keep you hustling all night. It's like the Dread Pirate Roberts said as they formulated the plan for storming the castle--It doesn't leave a lot of time for dilly-dally...

Another positive sign is that they've posted more dealer positions opening at my casino, and we've had a lot of folks come in to do auditions this past week. I'm hoping this means that I finally move up to full-time status sometime soon. In the meantime, I'm looking forward to having Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday off so that I can lay around the house doing my slug impersonation for any crowds that may gather.

On another positive note, my new friend Steph stopped by work tonight to see me. She doesn't play Pai Gow, but that's what I was dealing when she showed up, so she sat down and joined the rest of the Paris Las Vegas Graveyard Shift Cocktail Waitress Crew who happened to be playing at my table at the time. (Yeah, sometimes it's good to be Mikey...)

Shortly thereafter I got tapped out for my break, and I spent my twenty minutes chatting with her. She then followed me to my next table, blackjack this time, where she managed to win about $50 during my hour on the deck. Not too shabby! But she came by to tell me that she's going back to Cali for the next few weeks (leaving in the morning) and wanted to give me her number.

Anyhow--when she gets back to Vegas, we're going to spend an evening sampling the smokey pleasures of ten-cent roulette at the Klondike and we might even talk the pit boss out of a comp for a couple of their 99-cent breakfast specials.

Brothaman knows how to treat a lady right.


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