Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bloggin' or Scroggin'

According to this, blogging has become bigger than sex.

While I find both activities quite enjoyable, you can guess which one I spend more time doing. And you could also guess which one I prefer doing. But I can see how it got so popular so fast--

Blogging--don't need a partner. I guess you don't need one for sex, but then that's not much fun, either.

Blogging--free. You don't even have to pay for hosting. Sex, even if you don't pay for it, you still pay for it.

Blogging--lots of people like to watch me do it every day. The same probably couldn't be said for sex.

Blogging--never had to visit the free clinic after posting. Sex, uh...nevermind.

Blogging--organized religion hasn't stigmatized it yet.

Blogging--don't have to shower before or after.

Blogging--even Star Trek geeks can do it. Sex, not so much.

And even though having a few drinks beforehand tends to enhance the quality of both, I guess the main difference is this--Yes, one can always have sex at their desk, but until I get a new laptop, I can't blog from the back seat of the ghetto sled.


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