Thursday, December 22, 2005

Guilty Pleasures

So I'm sitting around the house doing a bit of channel-surfing this morning, and what do I find on A&E? The Biography documentary about ABBA. Oh hell yeah. So I spent an hour learning all about them and their music. Guess that makes me an expert on Swedish Cheese. Who says there is nothing good on daytime TV anymore?

I'm moving a bit slowly today--last night I was kidnapped by ruffians and forced to drink all of the beer at the Monte Carlo Brewpub. We tried, but I think they might still have some left.

Anyhow, Rob was still in town, feeling much better, along with another longtime reader, Jeremiah, aka 'Korked Batz', and his fiance Christy. So we made plans to hook up at the Monte Carlo Brew Pub for a few beers and just a bit of buffoonery late yesterday afternoon.

I got there first, and made it about an inch down the glass of my High Roller Red before Jeremiah and Christy showed up. They picked me out of the crowd at the bar right away and sat down to join me. I could tell they'd had a head start, though, because they were carrying to-go cups from Commanders Palace at the Aladdin. They'd taken full advantage of the 25-cent martinis that Commanders offers at lunch, spending a buck each, impressed with the fact that a four-star joint like that would let you take your booze to go after eating a fine repast of turtle soup, gumbo, and the like.

I had some catching up to do, so I got after it.

The MC Brewpub has some great deals on their beer--only $3.75 per glass, which is about a buck and a quarter less than they could easily get away with. We ordered a round and started telling stories.

Rob showed up a few minutes later, tearing himself away from the juicy 2-4 poker tables at the Imperial Palace and joined us in our libations, opting for a molasses-colored Porter that looked pretty tasty to the rest of us.

We did a lot of drinking, laughing, and smack-talking--turns out they are big Astros fans, and being a Cardinal fan, I had to do a bit of mouthing off. Turns out Christy is a UT alum, too, so she felt the need to give the 'Hook Em Horns' to anybody with the bad sense who strayed into her orbit wearing USC colors. You'd be surprised how many Trojan Men there were lurking around the Monte Carlo last night.

We stayed in the pub for several hours and had a great time. We even ordered some nachos at one point, just because I felt that if I didn't eat something, I might fall down on my next trip to the bathroom. They were pretty good--I like the food there at the brewpub, and they make a pretty good pizza there, too.

After god-knows-how-many rounds, we decided to explore the casino. I'd told them all about Pai Gow, and they were willing to give it a try, and we found an empty $10 table without too much effort. I wasn't going to gamble, but was willing to show them how to set their hands. Unfortunately, their first experience with Pai Gow was much like mine, and their hundred-dollar buy-ins only lasted about an hour. On a positive note, I found out what Pebbles The Cocktail Waitress's real name is, so I'm one step closer to that restraining order.

After getting ambushed by the Pai Gow ninjas, we decided to head over to New York New York for some grub at the ESPN Zone. It was a short walk, and actually not too cold outside, either. That end of the strip had some pretty heavy foot traffic for being the Wednesday Night Before Christmas, but we got a table as soon as we got to the Zone--no waiting at all.

Another round of beers hit the table along with more nachos and Rob even ordered a steak. The food was all really good, but a bit on the expensive side. An order of nachos, four beers, and a steak came to $75 before tip. Ouch. But Rob insisted on paying since he hadn't spent much money all week due to laying around in bed feeling like he'd been poisoned. We couldn't argue with that logic, and gladly let his credit card take the hit.

After all that, it was closing time. We'd been at it for several hours and were pretty wiped out. Jeremiah and Christy were staying there at NYNY, but I offered Rob a ride back to the Imperial Palace. We said our goodbyes, planning on doing it all over again in a few months, then went our separate ways. It was a hike back to the car, but we found it without too much trouble.

I dropped Rob off at his hotel, then made my way back home and went to bed. I'd say it was a pretty good day, for being kidnapped by ruffians and all.


(Rob, Mikey, Jeremiah, and Christy. Clearly the pendelum had swung back to 'sobriety' by the time this photo was taken)

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