Friday, December 09, 2005

Another Game I'll Probably Play

Well, it's not like Vegas doesn't have enough diversions and ways for me to piss away my money, but this new system has 'Broke Ass Mikey' written all over it.

I love to bet on sports, but generally I just buy my tickets and move on--rarely do I spend the entire day in the book watching games. But this gizmo would keep me there and keep me betting, especially on football. I remember about ten years ago I would go down to my favorite neighborhood bar in Gilbert Arizona--Papillions--every Monday night to eat wings and play QB1 the entire evening, basically trying to predict the next play all the way through the game. It was great fun, and one time I even got the high score and spent the next Monday Night watching the game from the big comfy recliners with a free bucket of wings and a couple of pitchers of beer as a reward for my play-calling prowess.

QB1 was an offshoot of the old electronic NTN bar trivia games, and as much as I enjoyed kicking ass at that every weekend, I really loved playing QB1 on Monday nights. Hell, these days a man could make a good living just pressing Play Action Pass/Long/Gamebreaker every play when the Colts offense is on the field during the first half, and Run/middle/Gamebreaker every play during the second half.

Speaking of the NTN trivia game, I remember losing a bet to my old roommate Rob about saltwater crocodiles one night when we were playing it--One of the questions was 'Pick the animal that does not exist'. I was sure there was no such thing as a saltwater crocodile--this was back in the days before that idiot Steve Irwin hit the airwaves--so I bet ten years ago none of you had ever heard of them, either.

Anyhow, once this product gets launched, I'll be interested in seeing how it works. If it's gonna be as cool as I imagine it will be, it may be time to Go Long/Gamebreaker on Progressive Gaming International stock.


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