Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Quick Football Rant

I know, I should've posted on this subject on Monday morning, but I've been trying not to turn my website into a place where all I do is rant about is politics (too many of them already) or the NFL (not enough of the people that read this give a damn). I could write at length about both subjects, but I choose not to (although I'm thinking about doing a weekly football column next season, but in addition to all of my other blatherings--just something I'm kicking around upstairs...)

Anyhow, after watching all of the highlight shows and hearing all of the commentary after last weekends NFL games, one game in particular stands out--the Dolphins defeat of the Chargers. The Chargers have all the talent in the world, yet they keep losing games that they should win. How they're not challenging Denver for the number two seed in the AFC is beyond me.

I'm completely convinced that this past Sunday Nick Saban could've taken Marty Schottenheimer's players on the Chargers and played them against his own Dolphins and won that game also. (Like Bum Phillips once said, He can beat hizzun with yourn, and yourn with hizzun...) I said it before, I'll say it again--the Chargers win games in spite of their coach, not because of him, but Saban has the look of a coach with a very bright future in the NFL--all he needs is a quarterback. Schottenheimer can get an already talented team to the playoffs, but not much else. He certainly can't win a close game or get his team 'over the hump'. It makes me feel sorry for the San Diego fans--they deserve better. I just wish NFL owners would quit hiring retread coaches like that.

Speaking of retreads, word around the campfire is that the Texans are going to hire Wade Phillips once they dump Dom Capers at the end of the season. Wade Phillips doesn't really have a spectacular resume, either, but he's Bum Phillips' son, who was an extremely popular fella down in Houston back in the day. I think Steve Mariucci would be a better pick, but then again, I'm not a GM.


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