Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Wind, Rain, Dark of Night, etc...

I was lied to again. Well, maybe not purposefully lied to, but I was led to believe that my new honey-finish mission-style lift-top coffee table would be delivered today. It ain't gonna happen--now I'm told that it's still in Kansas City, but it should be here on Thursday. I knew that was gonna happen. Ever since they sent me the tracking information last week, I've been checking it twice a day, and it appeared that the damn thing never got picked up from the warehouse. It sat there for four days before it actually got on a truck.

That kinda sucks--I was looking forward to busting out the tool kit and doing another construction project there on the dining room floor. But I guess it's ok, because if you remember that big long to-do list I put together the other day, I didn't get halfway done with it--I still need to vacuum, and the nightstand and reading lamp are still in their boxes, too. Maybe when the table gets here, I'll just go on an assembly spree and spend the putting everything together at once. On the other hand, I did the important stuff--I got the TVs both hooked up so that I could watch two games at once, and I got the new surge protector installed behind the entertainment center. But I'll be glad when I finally get this place completely furnished with everything in it's proper place.

Anyhow... I think summer has finally broken for the year. When I left for work last night, it was a pleasant breezy evening in the high seventies, and when I got out at 5:30 this morning, it was a nice, cool 70 degrees. The first thing I did once got home was turn off the air conditioner, turn on the fans, and open six different windows. Looking ahead, I see that it's still gonna get into the 90's later this week, but nothing in the triple digits. Woot!

Work was crazy busy again last night--it didn't seem like it when I got there, but good lord, what a crazy all-night game I dealt. When it finally broke this morning, I was completely wiped out--but it was another big night for me. And I found out that I had another day added to the schedule again this week (that's five, again!), so it should be a nice, lucrative, but tiring, week. I was so beat when we got done that I didn't even stick around to have a beer and hang out with the floorman. Usually, we go out to breakfast after the shift is over, but I just didn't feel up to it this morning. I had to hit the grocery store for a few essentials, but after a quick stop at the WallyWorld Supercenter, I drove straight home. No beer, no breakfast with the cocktail waitresses, and no nickel video poker. I guess that instead, I'll have a glass of OJ, a bowl of cereal, and entertain myself playing minesweeper for awhile while SportsCenter reruns play in the background.


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