Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tool Time, Not Sleepy Time

Man, what a couple of busy days I've had! Yeah, I know all you re-clickers out there were checking back all day on Wednesday, and I apologize for being a slacker, but I was just too tired to write. The last couple of nights at work have just been amazingly busy for me, and it's been kinda weird--both nights it looked like I'd have a pretty short shift when I first got to work, as the games were kinda shorthanded and looked like they'd break at the drop of a hat. But as soon as I sat down, it's like people just started showing up with fat bankrolls and felt like gambling it up. So not only was I busy as hell, but the games were nice and juicy, too. I gotta love that, because it's made it a great week for me, toke-wise.

But as much as I love it, it sure takes it's toll. When I'm the only dealer on the overnight game, I never take any breaks, whereas when I'm working the other shifts, I usually get a break every hour and a half or so. But believe me--I'd rather just work straight through, because if I'm on break, I'm not making any money. I know the natural question that y'all are now asking is "But what if you have to pee?"

Well, luckily, there's always a floorman there, so I just have him jump in for a few minutes while I go and empty my pockets and hit the head (I can hold exactly eighty chips in my shirt pocket, so I've got to get up every couple of hours and empty it, anyways). And the floorman doesn't mind, because while I'm up doing my thing, he deals a few hands and gets to make a few bucks himself. It works out pretty well, actually, and luckily I have a good working relationship with the graveyard floor guys. And it seems like I'm building a good 'book' of regular players that like to come in late at night when I'm working, too. I just hope it keeps up.

Anyhow, the past couple of days, once my shift was done, we've stuck around to go get the steak & eggs special at the cafe. But check this out--before 7:00 am, if paying with my comp points, it's only half-price. And they have some good graveyard specials, too. So it doesn't cost us a dime out-of-pocket, aside from taking care of the waitress, to have a classic Vegas breakfast of steak, eggs, hashbrowns, toast, and the an occasional bloody Mary. It kinda reminds me of the good ol' days when I was a tourist--playing cards all night and grubbin' on free food in the morning.

Ah, Vegas...

But living the Vegas lifestyle is hard work, so I came home and slept all damn day on Wednesday. I wish I could do the same today, but I just checked the FedEx website a few minutes ago and my coffee table is on the delivery truck, somewhere here in Henderson as I write this. So I have to stay up and wait for it to arrive.

With that, I'll be almost fully furnished. Of course, I still want a new dining room table, and they're actually pretty reasonable (especially compared to the exorbitant markup on coffee tables. You'd think DeBeers was running that cartel, too!). I almost bought one yesterday, but decided to wait. And I'm also looking at a new headboard for my bed, too. But again, I put off that purchase. Both are fairly affordable, and I could pick them up at any time. What I've really wanted was some sort of sidebar or liquor cabinet for my dining room. I haven't really mentioned it before, but I've been looking at them for some time. The problem was, they are kinda expensive.

I found the one I wanted a couple of weeks ago, and I loved everything about it except the price tag. But, like the smokin' hot Bulgarian cocktail waitress that works the poker room a couple nights a week, I couldn't stop thinking about it. So yesterday, I just said farkit, buyer's remorse be damned, I'm getting it. So I broke out the overworked MasterCard and said "Ship it!". And I just got the email a few minutes ago--it's also on the truck this morning, but it won't be here until early next week.

So here it is:

Nice, huh? I'm just hoping that the top shelf is big enough to hold the 40+ bottles of booze I have stashed all over the house, because it'd be nice to have 'em all in one place. Regardless, it'll be quite an impressive display once it's all put together and stocked up.

So between that, the coffee table, the nightstand, the reading lamp, and my soon-to-be purchased dining room table and headboard, I've got plenty of assembly projects to keep me busy. And I hope to god that they don't jack up the rent too high next summer when my lease is up, because I certainly don't wanna move this all shiat anytime soon.


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