Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pick Me Out A Winner, Bobby

After last week's shameful college picks, I feel that I must try to redeem myself. Seriously--it's tough to be that bad. Well, tough, but not impossible. Back in March Madness of 2000, I went 0-for-8 on the first day of the tournament. Think about that for awhile--that's just as hard to do as hitting an eight-team parlay. So if anyone is going to flop miserably with their football picks, the smart money is on me.

On the other hand, it's still a lot of fun, so here I go:

1) Navy -7.5 over Louisiana Tech

2) Michigan +3 over Notre Dame

3) Missouri -19 over Bowling Green

4) LSU -14 over Vanderbilt

5) USC -7 over Ohio State

It looks like I'm only taking one dog this week, and that's actually the pick that I'm least comfortable with. Navy is on the upswing, Mizzou beat the hell out of Illinois, and I gotta think that Illinois is somewhat better than Bowling Green, especially when the Falcons are on the road (normally I like to root for Bowling Green, but I don't think they're gonna come close in this one). Vanderbilt usually starts the season off very well against the spread, but on the road at LSU, at night, it could be a blowout. And of course, I think USC is gonna lay the wood to the Buckeyes. As far as Michigan over Notre Dame goes, well, they're playing in the Big House, and I'm not yet convinced of Charlie Weiss's genius.

Of course, I could be fantastically wrong, but hey, I've been wrong before, I'll be wrong again.

As I'm writing this, it's about 1:00 in the morning on Saturday. I really should go to bed, but it's tough to sleep in the middle of the night nowadays. I'm just too used to working the graveyard shift. But yesterday, I managed to catch up on my sleep, plus knock a few of my 'to do' items off the list. But around 4:00 o'clock or so, I grew bored with just hanging out at the house doing chores, so I headed out. Once my errands were done, I made my way to the casino to get my picks in at the sports book (yep, I did another $10 five-team parlay that'll pay me $230 on a win).

Anyhow, I couldn't just skip out on the poker room entirely, and around 5:30 or so, I found myself in a 4-8 game. Luckily, my mad skillz were back, and there weren't any bad beats to be found, and by 8:15, I was up $200 for the session. I was starving, so I got up to go grab some food. But the boss intercepted me on the way out the door and asked me how long it'd been since my last beer. Luckily, I'd been nursing a Perrier for over an hour, so she told me to cash out, run home and grab a shirt, and come back for the 9:00 pm push.

Woot--Nothing like locking up a $200 win on a Friday night! So I ran home, changed clothes, and worked for a few hours before we got down to the usual overnight crowd. I volunteered to go home at 11:30, so as to not take away 'downs' from my full-time buddies (who graciously leave early almost every night so that I can have an opportunity to lock down for a few hours and make some good money when I'm working). Besides, I have five days on the schedule this week already, and Friday's split-shift technically gave me six. So I didn't really need to stick around, and by me volunteering to leave, it just made it easier on everyone. With my winnings from playing, and my earnings from working, it was another very lucrative day for me.

Hmmm... What should I buy now?

Well, I think I'm gonna go ahead and *not* buy anything for a few days. The truck payment and insurance are due this week, and I'm already full-up on books and groceries, so I think I'm good for now. But that may change by Sunday--I still need a dining room table and a new headboard. On the other hand, the smart play would be to just send every spare dime I have over to my E*Trade account and not be tempted to do anything stupid.

That's the problem with living in Vegas, there are way too many things to spend money on. Back in Nashville, the only things to spend money on were beer, cigars, and going out to dinner with my nieces, sisters, or Mamasan. (Oh yeah, and the occasional side-trip to Tunica). Hell, they barely had strip clubs in Nashville--although, legend has it that the Boobie Bungalow down in Elkton was a sight to behold. I mean, you know it's a classy joint went it's in a tent. I shiat you not--a strip club in a tent! Although, word around the campfire is that they now have a permanent building, but back in the day...

Whatever the case may be, Reverend Dave is probably the one to ask. But I'm kind of afraid to do a deep Google Image Search for it, only because whatever picture I find will probably show his truck sitting in the parking lot. Heh. But here's the sign on I-65:

I guess they have services on Sunday morning or something...

Anyhow, that's what's going on here. I plan on not doing a damn thing all day except for overdosing on college football for several hours and then going to bed early. I've got to work one of those dreaded day shifts on Sunday, so I know that my system is going to be completely confused.

Y'all have a good one!


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